Do the COVID-19 vaccines protect against the COVID-19 variants?

Dr. Michael Gardam explains how the vaccines work against the variants.

"So this is a very evolving area and this is something which is the norm in the world of vaccines. Whenever the world creates a vaccine, whatever we are making the vaccine again starts to evolve to try to escape the vaccine so what we're hearing about these variants is normal but if you haven't heard this before it can be it can be worrisome. All of the vaccines work against the variance to some degree, some better than others, but by and large, in particular the UK variant which seems to be one which is spreading quicker than the others, these vaccines work. The thing to remember is that we're vaccinating people for now it is very possible that six months or nine months from now we'll be offering booster shots that are now going to be against the variants that are around at that time and this is something we do with vaccines, we actually do this with the flu shot every single year, we update it for the latest strains of flu that are spreading so what we're witnessing in real time here with these COVID vaccines is something we're used to."

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Published date: 
March 29, 2021
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