Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s important to get your flu shot and stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations, and it is safe to get both at the same time. Get information on this year’s seasonal flu vaccine here.


COVID-19 Immunization clinics are located in communities across Prince Edward Island.

Everyone 6 months of age and older is eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (primary series). Individuals should get their second dose in the primary series 8 weeks after receiving their first dose.

Booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are recommended for individuals 5 years of age and older 6  months after their last dose of the vaccine. 

Important Notice: Islanders infected with COVID-19 should wait 3 months after onset of symptoms or a positive test before getting a COVID-19 vaccine (primary series or booster dose) provided they are eligible for vaccination based on the recommended time between doses.

Islanders with an upcoming mammogram appointment: Lymph nodes in the underarms of patients who were recently vaccinated with COVID-19 sometimes may become enlarged. Additional clinical assessment by your health care provider following your mammogram may be required.  We encourage you to attend your breast screening appointment but, if you do not feel comfortable you may reschedule your mammogram for 6 weeks after being vaccinated. Please bring your COVID-19 vaccine information to your next mammogram appointment. Please visit the PEI Breast Screening Program for additional information. 

Health Canada recently authorized the use of the Novavax Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 18 years of age and older. This is a recombinant protein subunit vaccine and a new option for individuals who have been unable or prefer not to receive an mRNA or viral vector COVID-19 vaccine. The primary series includes 2 doses given 8 weeks apart. There are currently no specific NACI recommendations regarding the number of doses of Novavax Nuvaxovid for immunocompromised individuals.

Novavax Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccine is now available at select pharmacies.

Book your appointment at a Health PEI clinic

COVID-19 Immunization Clinics are offering primary series of the vaccine to individuals 6 months of age and older, and booster doses to individuals 12 years of age and older as per eligibility criteria (recommended ages, populations and time interval between doses). The COVID-19 Immunization Clinics are offering the Pfizer-BioNTech ComirnatyTM and Moderna SpikevaxTM vaccines.

Book your appointment at a pharmacy

Individuals 12 years of age and older can receive their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine and booster doses at a number of partner pharmacies in PEI as per eligibility criteria (recommended ages, populations and time interval between doses). Participating pharmacies are offering the Pfizer-BioNTech ComirnatyTM , Moderna SpikevaxTM  and Novavax NovaxovidTM vaccines.

The JanssenTM vaccine is available to individuals 18 years of age and older at select partner pharmacies on Prince Edward Island.

Pharmacists can now administer the COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible individuals age 12 and over. Previously, pharmacists were able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible individuals age 18 and over; however, a recent regulatory change authorizes pharmacists to give the COVID vaccine to anyone age 12 and over.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have an appointment booked at a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic and need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact the clinic by calling 1-844-975-3303. It is important to cancel an unneeded appointment as soon as possible.

Getting a Vaccine

What do I need to book my appointment?

If you have a PEI health card, have your health card number ready when booking your appointment. (You do not need to have a PEI health card to make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment or be vaccinated against COVID-19 in PEI).

How should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Do not attend your appointment if you are having symptoms of illness; fever, cough, sore throat
  • Review the information in the fact sheet for the vaccine prior to your appointment
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt when going to the clinic
  • Wear a mask

What do I do if I need to reschedule my vaccine appointment?

If your vaccine appointment is booked for a COVID-19 Immunization Clinic, you can cancel your current appointment and reschedule it for a later date through our online booking partner Skip The Waiting Room. You can also call the COVID-19 Immunization Program toll-free at 1-844-975-3303.

If you booked your vaccine appointment with a partner pharmacy, you need to contact the pharmacy directly to reschedule your appointment.

How do I cancel my COVID-19 vaccine clinic appointment online?

Tip: Have your PEI health card close by

  1. Go to the Skip the Waiting Room homepage –
  2. Enter the phone number used to book your online appointment.
  3. Enter the last four digits of your PEI health card.
  4. Select the appointment you would like to cancel.
  5. Scroll down the web page to the “Update Your Online Appointment” section and click cancel.
  6. Verify the contact number used to book your appointment.
  7. Click close and a message will appear confirming that your appointment has been cancelled.

When am I considered to be fully immunized?

In PEI you're considered fully vaccinated 14 days after you have any of the following COVID-19 vaccines:

  • 2 doses of AstraZeneca or COVISHIELD
  • 2 doses of Moderna
  • 2 doses of Pfizer
  • 2 doses of a combination of COVID-19 vaccines (AstraZeneca, COVISHIELD, Novavax, Moderna and Pfizer)
  • 1 dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
  • 2 doses of Novavax Nuvaxoid
  • 2 doses of Medicago Covifenz
  • 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization but not approved by Health Canada (including Covaxin, Sinovac and Sinopharm)    

If you received 1 or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that's not approved by Health Canada and not authorized by the World Health Organization, you’re not considered fully vaccinated and need to complete one of the series above to be considered fully vaccinated.

What is informed consent?

Informed consent means that you agree to receive the vaccine and understand the risks of receiving the vaccine and the risks if you do not receive the vaccine. You will be provided information on the vaccine and should ask the nurse any questions you may have before receiving the vaccine.

How many doses are recommended for individuals who are moderately to severely immunocompromised?

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has recommended an additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised in order to provide additional protection against the virus.

Those who are moderately to severely immunocompromised will need three doses of vaccine to complete their primary series:

  • active treatment for solid tumour or hematologic malignancies
  • receipt of solid-organ transplant and taking immunosuppressive therapy
  • receipt of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T-cell therapy or hematopoietic stem cell transplant (within 2 years of transplantation or taking immunosuppression therapy)
  • moderate to severe primary immunodeficiency (e.g., DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
  • Stage 3 or advanced untreated HIV infection and those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  • active treatment with the following categories of immunosuppressive therapies: anti-B cell therapies (monoclonal antibodies targeting CD19, CD20 and CD22), high-dose systemic corticosteroids (e.g. 20 mg/day for ≥ 14 days), alkylating agents, antimetabolites, or tumor-necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors and other biologic agents that are significantly immunosuppressive.
  • Dialysis patients

6 months after the completion of the primary series (3 doses), a booster dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer Comirnaty® or Moderna Spikevax®) is strongly recommended.

A 2nd booster dose is recommended 6 months after the 1st booster dose has been administered.

Published date: 
December 6, 2022
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