Infection Prevention and Control Module for Community Care Facilities

For health care providers in Community Care Facilities

The Infection Prevention and Control learning module is a narrated presentation intended to provide education for health care workers in the community care facility setting in Prince Edward Island. The objective of the learning module is to promote infection prevention measures and information to guide reporting and management of facility outbreaks. The overall goal of the module is the prevention of illness.

What is covered in the Infection Prevention and Control learning module?

The learning module will review:

  • hand hygiene
  • management of the environment
  • outbreak management.

How long will the module take?

The module will take approximately 25 minutes.

Why do I need to watch this module?

Infection prevention and control education is a requirement for staff as outlined in the Community Care Facility Standards. These principles and measures are essential to providing a safe environment for all residents, staff and visitors to the facility.

The Public Health Act requires that facilities identify and report outbreaks of illness to the Chief Public Health Office. This module will provide guidance in identifying outbreaks of gastrointestinal and influenza outbreaks in your facility.

Published date: 
January 19, 2018