Information about Privacy and the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App

PEI Vax Pass Verifier App is the official mobile application from the Government of Prince Edward Island for verification of the Prince Edward Island COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination QR (Quick Response) code.1

Businesses and organizations are encouraged to review the Public Health COVID-19 protocol for vaccine verification. In order to use the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App the business or organization must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use within the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App.

When a patron consents to provide their QR code to a business or organization for scanning, PEI Vax Pass Verifier App allows businesses and organizations to view a patron’s Proof of Vaccination details from the QR code.

PEI Vax Pass Verifier App requires access to a business’s or organization’s scanning device’s camera to scan the patron’s QR code. No image from the camera is recorded. On scanning a valid QR code, PEI Vax Pass Verifier App will indicate whether a patron is “Confirmed”, “Does Not Meet Public Health Guidelines” based on PEI’s definition of “Fully Vaccinated” at the time of the scan. PEI Vax Pass Verifier App will also display the name of the patron.  If the QR code issuer’s public key is not recognized, the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App will display “Could not validate issuer”. The PEI Vax Pass Verifier App only scans the QR Code information, it does not have access to any other personal information or personal health information. Verification is done locally on the scanning device without connecting to the internet.  No personal health information or personal information from the QR code is stored in PEI Vax Pass Verifier App or transmitted outside of the mobile scanning device used by the business or organization.

PEI Vax Pass Verifier App leverages Microsoft Application Center Diagnostics and Analytics to collect limited non-personal and de-identified diagnostic and usage data for support purposes. While offline, this data may be temporarily cached on the scanning device prior to it being transmitted. Diagnostic and usage data captured includes:

  • Scanning device Information such as device type, and Operating System (OS) information
  • De-identified usage data including daily sessions per device, session duration and language
  • Details for QR code failure scenarios including the issuer of the QR code (e.g. province, country) and reason for failure (e.g. does not meet public health guidelines, invalid QR code)
  • Application code details triggered by unexpected errors.

PEI Vax Pass Verifier App will periodically check for updates to the Public Health Order and the ability to confirm QR codes from other jurisdictions.  An offline, built-in computer process will present a warning message if the scanning device is unable to check for updates after seven days. To ensure that the guidelines and technical requirements are kept up to date, businesses and organizations are asked to periodically connect their scanning device(s) to the internet to complete the update.

The federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act requires that business obtain the informed consent of a patron prior to collecting or using personal, including health, information. Businesses and commercial organizations should ensure that they take the necessary steps to protect a patron’s privacy and only collect information in accordance with PIPEDA.  It is important to note that if businesses and organizations fail to comply with all Public Health Orders issued by the Chief Public Health Officer under the Public Health Act and the noted privacy legislation, financial penalties and legal action may result.

If you would like to further information on this Privacy Policy and your PEI Vax Pass please call toll-free 1-844-975-3303 or email

The Provincial Government has taken your privacy into consideration when developing the PEI Vax Pass Program.  However, if you have any concerns about how the Provincial Government is treating your personal/personal health information, you may make a complaint to the PEI Information and Privacy Commissioner.  The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner can be reached by telephone at (902) 368-4099 or by email at   If you have an issue about how a business is treating your personal/personal health information, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at 1-800-282-1376.

 1 Quick Response (QR) code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

Published date: 
November 8, 2021
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