Magdalen Islands entry and departure through PEI

Travelers travelling to the Magdalen Islands by way of PEI must provide a copy of their Magdalen Islands ferry reservation at the PEI point of entry.

You do not need other travel documents to transit PEI to/from the Magdalen Islands, provided you follow the conditions below.

If you wish to stay in PEI, visit friends, shop, or eat at restaurants, etc. while travelling through PEI:

  • you must be vaccinated with a PEI Pass (see page for eligibility).
  • If you are not eligible to use a PEI Pass, you must isolate upon arrival in PEI for 8 days, subject to a negative test on day 8, and complete the Self-Isolation Declaration.

For people travelling through PEI, if you are vaccinated and eligible for a PEI pass, you are encouraged to get one in case you wish to visit or stop in PEI during your transit.

Conditions for Magdalen Islands Travellers Passing Through PEI:

  • On your way to the Magdalen Islands, you will not be permitted entry to PEI more than 24 hours before the departure time of your ferry to the Magdalen Islands. For your awareness, if as a result of any delays in your Magdalen Island ferry departure time you need to stay overnight in PEI, you will be required to show an appropriate self isolation plan (e.g. a hotel or motel reservation) in order to enter PEI.
  • Follow Public Health Orders and guidance.
  • Go directly to the ferry terminal/Confederation Bridge via Route 1 and Route 2 with limited stops for fuelling your vehicle, visiting a restroom and/or drive-through meal purchases.  You are not permitted to travel off Routes 1 and 2 with the exception of short distances to access fuel, restrooms or drive thru meals.  Do not visit friends or family during your travels through Prince Edward Island.

  • Do not go to restaurants, stores, banks or public places.

  • Gas stops are permitted.  Use enhanced hand and respitory hygiene, practice physical distancing and pay at the pump where at all possible; wear a non-medical mask if you need to enter the gas station to pay.

  • Restroom stops are permitted. To minimize the number of stops, restrooms should be accessed at the same time you stop for gas. Practice physical distancing and wear a non-medical mask.

  • Drive-through food service is allowed. Entering grocery stores, fast food premises or other restaurants is not permitted.

  • You may use ferry-side delivery service to replenish supplies such as groceries or other goods.

  • Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

Local Delivery

There are local businesses that will deliver to your vehicle at the ferry terminal in Souris - see business directory at


COVID-19 PEI Information Line
Toll-free 1-800-958-6400



Published date: 
August 5, 2021
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