Markets and Craft Fairs Guidance

  • Consider offering options for online shopping, home delivery, and curbside pick-up options where possible.
  • Determine a capacity based on physical distancing/ability to manage numbers for the space, and monitor entrances and exits to ensure that capacity is not exceeded.
  • Consider the flow of customers through the space, such as a one way system, in order to limit mixing of individuals.
  • Consider approach for line-ups at individual vendors and how to prevent and address longer line-ups that could form at individual vendors (e.g. if a large line up forms at vendor A, how do individuals pass by to reach vendors B, C and D?).
  • Markings to support physical distancing in line ups for individual vendors are recommended.
  • Follow current mask guidelines.
  • If a line-up may form of individuals waiting to enter the venue, consider how would that be managed.
  • Please note that individual market vendors require operational plans, in addition to the organizer.
  • Operational plans for retail events that involve large numbers of members of the public coming together, such as a market or craft fair, should be submitted for feedback to the Chief Public Health Office to  
  • See also Public Health Measures Guidance
  • Proof of vaccination is not required at markets and craft fairs that are solely focused on retail, and does not involve any activities that could involve people gathering, such as presentations, or shows.

  • Markets and craft fairs that include seating for eating and/or entertainment and other events that involve people gathering may require proof-of-vaccination.  Organizers can review the PEI Vax Pass Program to determine if proof-of-vaccination is required, and can reach out to the Chief Public Health Office at




Published date: 
November 8, 2021
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