Questions about PEI Measures in Response to Omicron Variant

Additional temporary public health measures are in effect and override the guidance on this page. Find out more here.

If I’m fully vaccinated, do I need to isolate after returning from travel within Canada?

As of 8 am Dec 22, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers + 14 days (e.g. with a PEI Pass) will be required to self-isolate until they have a negative test on day 4 after arrival in PEI.

  • This also applies to children under 12 travelling with fully vaccinated adults.
  • The day 4 test can be completed using a two-pack antigen test kit provided at the point of entry (take tests on Day 2 and Day 4), or a day 4 test at a testing clinic.
  • Travellers must also monitor closely for symptoms and if any develop, get tested immediately at a COVID-19 clinic (people with symptoms who have travelled should not rely on rapid tests) – they shouldn’t wait for their next scheduled test.
  • Travellers must continue to show proof of being fully vaccinated at the point of entry:
    • PEI Pass with a B
    • If Canadian, government issued immunization record with a QR code at the point of entry (find out more about using your QR code here)
    • If you are now fully vaccinated (+ 14 days) but your PEI Pass was issued when you were partially vaccinated (e.g. your PEI Pass code ends with the letter A), you must bring your record of vaccination with you to the point of entry.

Do we need to register our self isolation plans?

No, fully vaccinated travelers are not required to register your self-isolation plans; you are still required to either apply for a PEI Pass or if Canadian, show your government issued immunization record with a QR code at the point of entry (find out more about using your QR code here).

Can I isolate with my family that I am coming home to/visiting with in PEI?

You can decide to isolate as a household, however please note everyone in the household must self-isolate. Only the travelers are required to be tested.

PEI family members who are isolating with travelers are not permitted to go to work.

If I’m a fully vaccinated PEI resident currently travelling, when I come home, does my family who didn’t travel have to self-isolate?

If you are in a situation where you are the only member of your household who needs to self-isolate, the other members of your household must self-isolate unless the following conditions are met:

  • You can remain isolated from the other members of your household in a separate room, and ideally with a separate bathroom,
  • If there is a shared bathroom it must be used at separate times and there must be enhanced cleaning of all shared surfaces after use.
  • Kitchens and other spaces in the home cannot be shared; have food and beverages prepared by others and delivered in a non-contact manner
  • If all members of your household cannot ensure that the above requirements can be met, then everyone in the household must self-isolate until the traveler has a day 4 negative test.
  • If you need assistance in developing an appropriate COVID-19 self-isolation plan, please contact
  • If someone who is self-isolating comes into contact with others during the self-isolation period; the others must self-isolate for a minimum of 4 days following the last point of contact with the person in self isolation (or until the traveler completes their day 4 negative test result).

What if my family comes to visit me in PEI and stays with me for two days and then leaves – do I need to continue isolating?

If visitors leave before receiving a negative test on day 4, then the PEI family should isolate for 4 days after the visitors leave and test on day 4; alternatively, the visitors could test a testing clinic in the 24 hours before departure and if negative, then the PEI family is free from isolation.

How does the day count work?

The day of arrival is day zero.

Am I allowed to participate in sports or recreational activities?

Group and team-based organized recreational activities are paused for Island residents, regardless of age; this includes all organized sports, tournaments, competitions, games, team training and practices, as well as group classes (e.g. gymnastics, dance, etc.) where distancing can’t be maintained.

Individual recreational activities are permitted such as personal fitness, one-on-one fitness, dance, or music classes, however strict physical distancing at recreational activities is required. 

Am I allowed to visit a long term, acute care or community care facility?

The current COVID-19 situation is evolving, and visitor restrictions/guidance may be revised with little notice.

It is advised that visitors to long term care/nursing homes and  community care facilities call in advance regarding visitation.

Am I allowed to travel to PEI or off Island for a same day medical appointment?

You may travel for eligible essential activities without having to self-isolate upon return, if certain conditions are met as outlined below.

Medical or dental appointments

  • Includes the individual attending a medical or dental appointment, and a support person attending an appointment with that individual.
  • Medical and dental appointments that include an overnight stay are eligible for exemption from self-isolation.

Everyone 8 years and older will be tested at the points of entry (regardless of immunization status and time outside of province).  

Following same day travel, people are recommended to be tested again after arrival on day 4.

If any symptoms of COVID-19 develop, you should immediately visit a COVID-19 Drop-in Clinic to be tested and stay home (self-isolate) until you receive the results.

Until you receive a negative day 4 test, wherever possible, you are asked to minimize your contacts; for example:

  • Don't attend gatherings and events, including recreational activities, worship services, and larger personal gatherings.
  • Don't visit elderly relatives or people with underlying medical conditions.
  • If you have to be out in public, interact with others, or go to work, wear a well-fitting three layer or medical mask and maintain physical distancing.
  • Following travel within Canada, you will not be permitted to visit long term care, community care or acute care until a negative day 4 test is received.

Are my children allowed to return to day care upon our return from travel within Canada?

As of 8 am Dec 22, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers + 14 days (e.g. with a PEI Pass) will be required to self-isolate until they have a negative test on day 4 after arrival in PEI.

This also applies to children under 12 travelling with fully vaccinated adults.

Children aged 2-4 should have two antigen tests (e.g. on days 3 and 4) or one molecular test (e.g. day 4) before their return and have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Children part of interprovincial co-parenting arrangements must continue to follow the co-parenting guidance 

Are children, staff and volunteers allowed to return to school upon our return from travel within Canada?

Out of an abundance of caution and to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, schools across PEI will remain closed to students until at least Monday, January 17.  

Schools will start reaching out to students on Tuesday, January 4 to ensure they have access to the necessary technology. Learning materials and tasks will be available on school websites and Google Classrooms and Sites. Remote learning will begin on Thursday, January 6.

Am I allowed to return to work upon my return from travel within Canada?

People who are required to work in PEI during their first 4 days in the province (PEI residents and non PEI residents)
Fully vaccinated people who are scheduled to work should work from home where at all possible. If they must go to work, they must wear a mask and physically distance from other staff and patrons, and they must isolate when not at work (they can only leave isolation to go to work). They must notify their employer that they have travelled. They must ensure to be tested on entry and take either two antigen tests (Day 2 and Day 4) or a Day 4 test at a testing clinic.

Long term care, acute care and community care

Staff must receive at least one negative test before returning to work, must wear medical grade mask, and follow enhanced testing schedule. Wherever possible, they should not return to work until a second negative test on day 4.

Existing measures for staff, volunteers and visitors who travelled internationally continue to apply.

Are we allowed to host Vax Pass Events?

Wedding receptions, funeral receptions and wakes/visitations will not be permitted.

  • All organized gatherings, such as for theatres, concerts, etc., up to maximum of 50 people plus officiants and staff, with physical distancing among individuals from different households/close social groups, and up to 50% capacity in venue
    • no multiple cohorts of 50 for an activity permitted
    • multi-use facilities can continue with groups of 50 per separate space

Public venues are responsible to put measures in place to remind patrons of the requirement to maintain physical distancing, including signage and floor markers and monitoring capacity limits to support distancing.

Guidance for Vax Pass activities and events includes:

  • Organizers are required to ensure a minimum of 6 ft between patrons of different households.
  • People must be seated to eat and drink. Standing receptions where food and drink served are not permitted
  • Masks must be worn unless actively eating or drinking while seated
  • There is to be no dancing at any event and karaoke is not permitted
  • Worship services can only have one person singing, no choirs or congregational singing is permitted.

General considerations when planning a vax pass event:

  • Smaller gatherings are lower risk than larger gatherings
  • Outdoor gatherings are lower risk than indoor
Published date: 
January 5, 2022
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