Same-Day Travel Off-Island for PEI Residents

This information is relevant for PEI residents who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine (or have not had a vaccine at least 21 days prior to travel), but are required to travel to other provinces for same-day eligible essential purposes.

You may travel for eligible essential activities without having to self-isolate upon return, if certain conditions are met as outlined below.

Eligible essential activities are as follows:

  • Medical or dental appointments
    • Includes the individual attending a medical or dental appointment, and a support person attending an appointment with that individual.

    • Medical and dental appointments that include an overnight stay are eligible for exemption from self-isolation.

  • Child custody related travel
    • Children coming to or returning to PEI through a co-parenting arrangement must have their first negative test result before going to school or child care.
  • Work-related travel that does not include entering workplaces and/or interacting with others.
  • Picking up/dropping off students, individuals from airports and/or train stations, and/or individuals being discharged from an NB/NS hospital:

  • Travel required for passport renewal and consular visits.
  • Travel required to attend a scheduled court proceeding.
  • Any personal pick-up and drop-off of goods or animal companions
  • Visitation of immediate family in medical facilities

    • Individuals with immediate family members receiving care in off island medical facilities, can email to request approval for a modified isolation arrangement after a same day or overnight visitation

For greater clarity, activities that are NOT eligible for a same-day travel self-isolation exemption include, but are not limited to:

  • Travelling to write an exam.

  • Meetings and interviews.

Conditions for Same Day Travel Self-Isolation exemption upon return from eligible essential travel:

  • Keep your Confederation Bridge or Northumberland Ferry receipt to verify your departure time and to confirm it was a same day trip and within a reasonable period of time; and keep other documentation associated with your travel (e.g. medical appointment letter, hotel/accommodation receipt where an overnight stay is required for a medical appointment)
  • Return to Prince Edward Island on the same day as you departed
  • Are not traveling via public transit such as commercial plane, bus or shuttle
  • Do not stay overnight, unless required for a medical appointment
  • Do not shop
  • Do not visit public places such as shopping malls and restaurants
  • Do not visit friends or family
  • Do not attend meetings, conferences, or events
  • Wear a non-medical mask when outside of your vehicle
  • Pack a lunch where possible, or if not possible, use drive-through options
  • Use pay at pump where possible if you need gas
  • Adhere to all public health measures in the jurisdiction you are visiting
  • Note that it is permitted to visit public restrooms while travelling, provided you wear a mask, wash your hands and observe all relevant public health measures.

If you take regular same-day trips within Atlantic Canada, you are advised to get tested weekly as an additional precaution.

PEI residents or anyone in PEI experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately visit a COVID-19 Drop-in Clinic to be tested and stay home (self-isolate) until you receive the results.

For PEI resident same day worker travel:

  • If you are entering workplaces and/or interacting with people as part of your work outside of PEI you are NOT exempt from self-isolation; you are required to either:
    • Apply to work-isolate upon return to PEI, OR
    • If travelling frequently (1 or more times per week or 4 or more times per month), you are required register as a rotational worker and follow rotational worker guidelines;
  • For frequent commercial courier travel outside of PEI, you are required to register as a rotational worker and follow guidance for other transport workers;
  • For one-time or infrequent courier and other work activities where you are NOT entering workplaces and/or interacting with people (e.g. transportation, delivery, and pick-up of goods), you are exempt from self-isolation, provided the above noted conditions are met.
If you travel outside of PEI, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of entry of the province or territory you are entering.
Published date: 
July 26, 2021
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