Transporting Individuals in Self-Isolation Guidance

If you are providing transportation for someone who has symptoms of COVID-19, the following precautions are advised:

  • If a business or organization, driver and passengers are recommended to wear masks (if not a business or organization e.g. family member taking another family member to a clinic, masks should be worn to limit exposure).
  • Maintain physical distancing as much as possible. Passengers should sit in the back seats only. If transporting one passenger, they should sit in the back, passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before you pick-up your passengers.
  • Encourage passengers to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle, and ask passengers to avoid touching the interior of the vehicle as much as possible.
  • Open the vehicle windows (weather permitting) and use the vents of the vehicle to bring in fresh air from outside.  Avoid using the recirculated air option of the vehicle.
  • Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer again when the passenger is delivered to the isolation destination and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as soon as possible.  
  • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces in your vehicle with disinfecting wipes, paying close attention to surfaces that are touched frequently (eg., door handles, seat belt buckles, buttons for windows and locks, arm rests, cup holders, etc.
Published date: 
April 24, 2023