Types of Requests for Travel to PEI

Travel Request Type Document Required

Out-of-province resident entering PEI to work in essential services

Copy of employer letter outlining the nature of th work and confirming the work is necessary to continue to service the employer.

Expected start date of work and date traveler will be leaving the province, if applicable.

Person entering PEI for emergency medical purposes, including patient and necessary escort, and person with animal for emergency services at AVC. Copy of letter or medical appointment from medical doctor or veterinarian confirming the date of the appointment.
Person(s) exercising or facilitating custody and/or access with children. Copy of a travel document letter with consent of other parent verifying custody/access arrangements, (court order or separation agreement).
Person entering PEI to provide family support to PEI resident Online application for pre-travel approval with required supporting documentation.
Person entering PEI on permanent relocation

Copy of out-of-province residential property sale agreement or copy of termination of out-of-province residential rental agreement; and one of the following:

  • Residential rental agreement (min. one year including landlord contact information), or
  • Property purchase documents for newly acquired PEI residence or existing permanent residence to which one is relocating permanently.
Person(s) is permanently relocating to PEI due to severe illness or injury in order to access a care provider

Confirmation of need for support as a result of illness or injury from a health care provider.

Letter from the PEI care provider who will be providing support and contact information.

Post-secondary students pick-up Proof of enrollment at PEI post-secondary institution (i.e. correspondence with student name, school name, semester in question, and name of program or course (enrollment verification form or proof of payment form - offer of acceptance is not sufficient; at a minimum registration must have occurred).
Out-of-province student attending PEI post-secondary institution

Proof of enrollment at PEI post-secondary institution and proof of accommodation


Person recently unemployed, who has no primary residence, and who plans to live with immediate family in PEI.

Lay-off or termination notice

Contact number of employer to confirm layoff

Contact number for immediate family member with whom person will be residing.

Health or allied health intern in PEI

Letter from a post-secondary institution

Letter from placement organization in PEI

Proof of accommodation

Spouse and dependents of PEI resident

Legal proof of relationship to PEI resident (e.g. long form birth certificate, marriage certificate, CRA income tax status as spouse or common-law partner or dependent

Letter from the PEI resident (spouse or parent) confirmation residence and contact information.

Person(s) to support a PEI resident who has experienced a severe injury or illness, injury or disability, or person to provide respite support for a PEI caregiver

Confirmation of need for support as a result of an illness or injury or disability from health care or service provider; and

Letter from the PEI resident or caregiver to be supported and related contact information.

Person entering PEI to attend and support a person in palliative care

Confirmation of permission to visit from facility if individual is receiving care from in-patient setting (palliative care Centre, hospital, long term care etc.) and

Letter from health care provider confirming that death of patient is reasonably foreseeable.

Immediate family and/or a designated person is permitted.

Person entering PEI to attend a wake, funeral, and/or burial

Must be an immediate family member

Obituary or funeral announcement; or

Letter from funeral home confirming date of service and relationship to deceased.

Person entering PEI to support a person with birth of a child (postpartum support)

Only 1 designated person permitted, at this time, for postpartum support

Letter from expectant or new mother confirming individual as designated person; and

Letter from health care provider confirming due date or delivery date.

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Published date: 
July 21, 2020
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