Collaborative Model of Care

The Collaborative Model of Care is a province-wide initiative that refers to the way health care services are delivered in Prince Edward Island. The model is about health care professionals working together in a collaborative environment where they will have the opportunity to use their skills, knowledge and training to deliver safe, high-quality health care. 

A Collaborative Model of Care approach will:

  • allow health care professionals to be placed where they are needed most;
  • give registered nurses (RNs) time to provide specialized care to more complex patients;
  • empower licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to perform health assessments and administer medications, as they have done in other provinces for many years;
  • allow patient care workers (PCWs) to assist in hospitals and nursing homes;
  • find new ways for allied health professionals and nursing staff to work together to improve patient care; and
  • ensure resources are used effectively and efficiently.

Why is the Collaborative Model of Care being implemented?

Within our province and around the world, we are facing a future that is forcing us to think differently about how we can deliver safe, high-quality health care. The PEI health system is no different from other health systems, we are faced with the challenges of:

  • an aging population;
  • an increased demand for services;
  • human resources shortages; 
  • staff workload issues; and
  • rising health care costs.

The Collaborative Model of Care is one approach that can help us work toward a system that makes the best use of our resources, while allowing health care providers to focus on improved patient care through enhanced communication and collaboration.

Will positions or patient care be impacted by the Collaborative Model of Care?

The model is not about cutting position; it’s about realigning them to best meet the needs of Islanders to ensure they receive the right care, by the right provider, in the right place. In fact, as of summer 2015, more than 75 full-time equivalent positions have been added throughout the province as a direct result of the Collaborative Model of Care, which has led to an increase of more than 150,000 patient care hours

How many sites have implemented the Collaborative Model of Care?

Implementation began in 2010, since then, more than 25 sites across the province have implemented the Collaborative Model of Care. The model has been implemented in:

  • acute-care hospitals;
  • long-term care nursing homes;
  • home care; and
  • primary care such as physicians’ offices and clinics. 

Who can I contact about the Collaborative Model of Care?

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Published date: 
July 23, 2015
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