Emergency Hip Fracture Repair Wait Times

What is the wait time to have a hip fracture repair?

On average you can expect to wait* 27 hours from your registration as an inpatient or wait** 41 hours from your registration in an emergency room until you receive your operation.

How is the wait time measured?

As indicated in the below chart:

Wait Time 1:

  • The wait time measured is the number of hours from the time of inpatient admission until the time of the hip repair surgery.1

Wait Time 2: 

  • The wait time measured is the number of hours from time of emergency room registration until the time of the hip repair surgery.2

Chart indicating wait time for emergency hip fracture repair.  Wait 1 from inpatient admission to surgery, wait 2 from emergency room registration to surgery.

The Provincial Target is for 90% of patients to meet the National Benchmark of receiving Hip Repair surgery within 48 hours of inpatient admission.

What surgeons offer orthopedic surgical services?

  • Dr. John Campbell
  • Dr. G. Stewart Campbell
  • Dr. Stephen Miller
  • Dr. Cai Wadden
  • Dr. Scott Wotherspoon

For contact information, visit the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island.

What influences a wait time?

Your wait time may be influenced by:

  • A requested delay – this delay can be at the request of the surgeon or anesthesiologist for further pre-operative testing, or stabilization of a patient’s condition.
  • Priority of the emergency – occasionally, there are times when there are several after-hour emergency surgeries to be done and the surgeons have to prioritize which cases go first. This can cause delays for the more stable ones that can safely wait.

What is the wait time data?

*   This estimate is based on data collected between April 2010 and March 2017 from Med 20-20.
* This estimate is based on data collected between April 2010 and March 2017 from CIS.

1 Data source is the Cactus database used for CIHI DAD data submission. Definition coincides with CIHI’s nationally agreed upon definition.
2 Data source are the First Net and SurgiNet applications of CIS of Health PEI to show the throughput of Hip Fracture patients in the ER. 


Published date: 
August 17, 2017
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