Giving voice to Islanders: the vital role of speech language pathologists

Trevor Lynch, a speech language pathologist (SLP) at Prince County Hospital (PCH), has dedicated two decades to helping Islanders overcome communication and swallowing challenges.

"Speech pathologists work with people across the entire age spectrum," Trevor explains. "You might find us helping newborns, elderly patients, or anyone in between."

Although speech therapy is a common association with SLPs, their expertise encompasses a much broader scope. A significant portion of Trevor's work at PCH involves assisting patients with swallowing difficulties, often due to strokes or other medical conditions.

"I've been in the room when a young man under 20 said 'Mom' again for the first time after many months," Trevor shares, highlighting the profound impact SLPs can have on patients and their families.

Trevor's role also includes developing personalized communication aids for those who have lost the ability to speak. "We were able to put together an iPad with specialized software for a patient who had a stroke. It restored his independence and he's now one of the best users of the system I've ever seen."

In addition to his clinical work, Trevor values the collaborative environment at PCH. "I work with teams across the entire hospital, and we all learn from each other. It's a really nice environment to come into every day."

Trevor's path to PEI was a journey of its own. Originally from Nova Scotia, he and his wife, also an SLP, moved to the Island 17 years ago. They have since built a fulfilling life here, both personally and professionally.

"It's a terrific job," Trevor reflects. "There's a great need for SLPs, and I always encourage anyone to go into it." His passion for his work is evident, and he sees a bright future for the field on PEI.

"Whether you're helping someone regain their voice after surgery or teaching them how to swallow safely again, it's incredibly rewarding to be a part of their journey."

For more information about speech language pathology services at Health PEI, see the Speech-Language Pathology web page

Published date: 
May 15, 2024
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