Home Care Clients: COVID-19 FAQs

Health care is an essential service and will continue to be delivered while COVID-19 measures are in place. You may see some changes in the way we deliver our services to home care clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my usual home care services while COVID-19 measures are in place?

Health PEI Home Care will provide essential services to home care clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the care you receive at home is determined to be essential, care will continue, although it may look different than your usual service. This will be determined with your home care worker.

For clients who we are not visiting right now, we will keep in touch by phone.

Will my usual home care worker be providing care during physical distancing?

Home Care continues to provide essential service to home care clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your care is determined as being essential, care will continue to be provided in the home by the usual Home Care staff. During the home care worker’s visit, you may notice that staff will keep a two-metre distance as much as possible and take other precautions to maintain physical distancing.

If the decision is that home visits should be on hold for now, we will continue to keep in touch with you by phone. If you have concerns, please call your Home Care office.

Are there additional home care services available to help keep me safe from COVID-19?

One of the bigger changes you will see is that all staff will be asking questions/completing a screen with you prior to every in-home visit, this is for the safety of you and of staff.  

Another change is that we have moved to offering more phone support, to our current clients. Otherwise, we have not made changes to Home Care.    

How can I be sure that visiting care workers will not bring the virus into my home?

All home care staff have been educated on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to keep you and them safe. Guidelines have been developed, following the advice of the Chief Public Health Office, that describe what staff should do before, during and after a visit, including when to wear protective equipment.  

Our staff follow diligent hand hygiene practices and are expected to consider any protective equipment that might be needed prior to providing care in a home. 

Staff have been advised that if they are feeling unwell they are not to come to work, and to call the 811 line for screening prior to returning to work.

A screening questionnaire will be completed prior to any home care worker entering your home. This is to protect you, other home care clients and our staff.

Will my home care workers be wearing protective clothing/equipment? Why? If they wear protective clothing does this mean they think I may have the COVID-19 virus?

Staff take into consideration what protective clothing/equipment will be needed prior to providing care in a home. If personal protective clothing/equipment is needed staff may be wearing gloves, a gown, and/or a mask with a shield. Depending on the reason for protective clothing/equipment the home care worker may be wearing one or all of these items.

Staff will share the reasons for protective equipment with you.  If you have questions about protective clothing/equipment, please ask your home care worker.

When protective equipment is needed, it will be worn to ensure the safety of you, other home care clients and the staff.  

Should I take any precautions before or after a home care worker visits?

Please answer all the screening questions asked by your home care worker prior to them entering the home. Washing your hands with soap and water often and coughing into your sleeve will help to keep yourself and others healthy.

All commonly touched surfaces should be cleaned at least daily with regular household cleaner. This will help to protect yourself, your family living in the home with you, as well as the home care worker. 

If supplies are required for your care, you should have them ready for the staff and kept in one space, if possible.

What will happen if my care is not considered to be essential at this time?

All home care clients are asked to have a back-up plan in place at any time. You should review your back-up plan with your caregiver and home care worker to ensure the plan will still work for you if it is needed. Home Care staff will work with you to help you identify your needs and to put a backup plan in place for you.

If my home care service is not considered essential at this time and is put on hold, how will I know when it is to start again?

Your home care worker will stay in contact with you if your service needs to be put on hold. They will also be reaching out to you when your service is able to start again. 

If you need help with putting a back-up plan in place while your service is on hold, you can ask your home care worker to help with that. You can call your Home Care office if you have any questions.

Does my Home Care worker need to wear a mask, gown and gloves if someone in my home is in self-isolation?

It is very important that anyone in self-isolation follows the self-isolation guidelines set out by the Chief Public Health Office. If someone in your home is self-isolating, your health care worker will speak to you to ensure you and your family have the correct education and understanding of how to self-isolate. Protective equipment will be determined through that discussion.  

If I am immunocompromised, will staff wear PPE for every visit to protect me? 

The best way to protect our clients and ourselves is to perform good hand hygiene and use personal protective equipment when it is appropriate.  Staff will follow best practices for all clients including those immunocompromised. This will help to keep you safe.  

If you still have questions about Home Care services for yourself or a loved one, contact your local Health PEI Home Care office at:
Souris:  902-687-7096
Montague:  902-838-0786
Charlottetown:  902-368-4790
Summerside:  902-888-8440
O’Leary: 902-859-8730

Published date: 
April 9, 2020
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