Long-Term Care Easing Restriction on Visitation

Some forms of visitation permitted with controls in place using the following guidelines:

  • All visitors and residents must maintain physical distancing of two metres (6 feet);
  • If physical distancing is not possible, visitors must wear a mask (non-medical grade preferred for outdoor visits and medical grade required for indoor visits;
  • All visitors will be screened before visiting. Anyone with symptoms will have to postpone their visit;
  • Designated staff or volunteers must accompany visitors directly to the visiting space (and assist them with safely donning/doffing mask or face shield if required);
  • All visitors must practice appropriate hand hygiene prior before and after visiting.

Routine visiting

  • Outdoor visits will take place in designated areas;
  • Indoor visiting is now also permitted; 
  • A maximum of two designated visitors per resident;
  • Designated visitors remain consistent and do not change regularly. Residents may identify a temporary replacement designated visitor for approval if one of the originally designated visitors is unable to perform their role for a period of time; 
  • Designated visitors may visit together or separately;
  • Visits will be limited to a maximum of 60 minutes to allow access to all residents within the property;
  • Visits will be scheduled at specific visiting times to allow for appropriate staff support to help during the visit;
  • Enhanced cleaning of spaces will take place between visits.

End of life visiting

  • These visits entail bedside visits in residents’ rooms;
  • A maximum of six designated visitors will be selected per resident;
  • Only two of the six designated visitors may visit at one time;
  • The two daily visitors may visit together or separately.

Additional changes for long-term care

  • Community Clergy and/or Faith-based leaders may schedule an appointment to visit (beyond the patients/residents two designated visitors) and will follow all infection control processes including physical distancing when providing service to their patients. For visits at long-term care they must wear a medical mask when visiting residents indoors and a non-medical mask for outdoor visits when 6 foot physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Residents must remain within the grounds of their home unless granted a pass;
  • Residents must practice physical distancing when within the home grounds/ designated area.
Published date: 
July 10, 2020
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