Medication List

Knowing when, how and why you take medication plays a big part in medication safety.

An up-to-date Medication List ​[PDF | 609 KB] can help you and your family keep track of all your medications. This list is important to help make sure you are getting the right medication at the right time.

Why do I need to fill out this form?

  • This list should be shared with your doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, or other health care provider each time you see them. It will help them provide the best care possible.  
  • Your health care team will also need this list to properly care for you during and following your hospital stay.

What do I need to include?

  • Include all the medications you take such as pills, inhalers, eye drops, patches, injections, creams, and so on.
  • Also include the medications you buy over the counter such as herbal products and vitamins.
  • How much of each you take.
  • How often you take it.
  • What allergies you have to medications and your reactions.

What can I do if I do not have this information with me?

  • Call a family member or friend to bring your medications to you.
  • Call your pharmacy for a list of your medications.
  • Discuss your medications with your nurse or doctor.

How can I contact the Patient Safety Coordinator? 

Patient Safety Coordinator
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Telephone: (902) 620-3349 
Fax: (902) 368-4969 

Published date: 
October 20, 2022
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