Sight Restoration (Cataract Surgery) Wait Times

What is the wait time to have cataract surgery?

On average you can expect to wait*:

11 weeks from your appointment when you and your surgeon decided that you needed cataract surgery.

The wait time may vary depending on your surgeon as wait times can be longer with some surgeons than with others. The choice of surgeon is made by you and your family physician or optometrist considering their current wait times and your particular needs.

How is the wait time measured?

The wait time measured is from the date your surgery is booked until the date of your surgery.

This does not include the wait time from your visit with your family physician or optometrist and the referral received for an appointment to see a specialist.

This chart displays the wait time measured as being from the time of appointment with a surgeon and decision for surgery has been determined until the time surgery is completed.

What surgeons offer cataract services?

There are seven ophthalmologists in Prince Edward Island:

  • Dr. Andrew Boswall
  • Dr. Guy Boswall
  • Dr. Anne Drysdale
  • Dr. Gerald O'Hanley
  • Dr. Paul Price
  • Dr. Suleiman Sefau
  • Dr. David G. Stewart

Cataract surgical services are only offered by the following ophthalmologists:

  • Dr. Andrew Boswall
  • Dr. Guy Boswall
  • Dr. Suleiman Sefau

For contact information, visit the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island.

What influences a wait time?

Your wait time may be influenced by:

  • your own request or cancellation of surgery;
  • surgeons vacation/time-off;
  • holidays; or
  • operating room slow down (e.g. in summer months).

What is the wait time data?

* This estimate is based on data collected between January and September 2016 from the SurgiNet System.


Published date: 
January 23, 2017
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