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Help is available for individuals, families and seniors.

Provincial Housing Supports

  • Affordable Housing for Individuals and Families - Are you having trouble with the cost of housing? You may apply for housing assistance at any housing office. Learn more about housing assistance
  • Affordable Housing for Seniors - If you are over age 60 and your housing needs have changed or you no longer have the ability to stay in your own home, you may eligible to live in a seniors housing unit near your current home. Learn more about seniors housing
  • Emergency Shelter - If you need overnight shelter urgently, call the temporary shelter support line at 1-833-220-4722 or contact a shelter in the community.

Community Housing Supports

The following is a list of PEI organizations that provide community-based housing:

Download 'Temporary Shelter Supports' for more housing options

Other Housing

Contact the Provincial Housing Navigator

Published date: 
October 25, 2022
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