Municipal Election Documents

What are election forms?

The Municipal Government Act and its regulations require that certain information is recorded on a “form approved by the Minister” for municipal elections.  

Who has to fill out the forms?

There are forms that must be filled out by candidates, election officials, the Chief Administrative Officer and electors under certain circumstances.  

I am an election official, which forms apply to me?

Election Official Declarations

A Returning Officer must make a declaration in front of the Municipal Electoral Officer (MEO) that they will faithfully and impartially perform their duties in the administration of the election (access the Election Official Declaration).

Any election official that a Returning Officer (RO) appoints (Deputy Returning Officer, Election Clerk, Poll Clerk, or Information Officer) must make a declaration in front of the RO that they will faithfully and impartially perform their duties in the administration of the election (access the Election Official Declaration).

Notice of Nominations

The Municipal Elector Officer must publish the Notice of Nomination Proceedings (can be modified for a By-Election) on or before the 5th Friday before the by-election by:

Election Forms Related to Voting

  • Application for a Mail-In Ballot (Summerside, Cornwall, Three Rivers and Stratford).    
  • Declaration for the following circumstances:
    • Proof of residence for an elector to fill out at the polling station if they do not have the required proof of residence.
    • Residency and eligibility for an elector to fill out at the polling station if their name is not on the official list of electors or their eligibility is challenged.
    • Provide assistance to an elector to be used when an elector requires assistance voting.
    • Discrepancy with official list of electors for when there is an error on the official list or electors.
    • Name struck out in error for when an elector's name has been struck out in error from the officiallist of electors and the elector has not yet voted.

I am a candidate, which forms apply to me?

Nomination Form

Candidates must file their Nomination Form within the nomination period at their municipal election office.  

Visit Candidate Information for Municipal Elections for more information about nominations.  

Candidate Withdrawal Forms

As a nominated candidate (your nomination form has been signed by the appropriate election official) you can withdraw your candidate status.  You must file one of the below forms with the Municipal Electoral Officer or Returning Officer at your municipal election office.  

  • Candidate Withdrawal
    • candidate_withdrawl_form-final_mk.docx – use this form if you are withdrawing on or before nomination day at 2:00 pm.  If you withdraw before this day, you will not be considered to have been officially nominated.
    • Post Nomination Day – use this form if you are withdrawing after 2:00 pm on nomination day. 

Appointment of an Official Agent

A candidate can appoint an official agent to represent themselves at the election or proceeding of the election by filling out the Candidate Agent Form (link). 

Oath of Office

If you are elected or appointed to a municipal council, you must swear or affirm the Oath of Office .  This can be done before the Chief Administrative Officer of the municipality, a judge of the Supreme Court, a judge of the provincial court, a justice of the peace or a notary public. 

Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses

All candidates, whether elected or not, must file a Disclosure Statement of Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses.  This must be filed within two months of the municipal election.  Municipal Election Campaigns has more information about the Disclosure Statement. 

I am a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), which forms apply to me?

If you are acting as your municipality’s Municipal Electoral Officer (MEO), then you are responsible for ensuring the forms listed in the election official section above are completed.

Election Summary Report

Within 10 days of being notified by the Municipal Electoral Officer of the elected candidates, the CAO must submit an Election Summary Report to the Minister.

Oath of Office

You may be asked to administer an Oath of Office for an elected or appointed council member. 

Which Forms apply to the Resort Municipality?

Unless otherwise stated in the Act, the forms listed in the previous sections must be used in the Resort Municipality.  The following two forms are unique to the Resort Municipality because of their elector qualifications outlined in the Municipal Government Act

Non-Resident Property Electors

All non-resident property electors must complete the Declaration for a Non-Resident Property Elector at the polling location.

A person who is authorized to vote on behalf of a non-resident property elector that is a corporation or incorporated cooperative association must complete the Statutory Declaration above and provide proof of their entitlement to vote on behalf of the corporation or co-operative association.

Residence and Eligibility 

An elector will be required to complete a Declaration of Residency and Eligibility - Resort Municipality  if their name is not on the official list of electors or their eligibility is challenged. 

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Published date: 
August 21, 2023