Types of Electrical Licenses

Who can do electrical work in PEI?

Only electrical contractors licensed to do work in PEI can apply for an electrical permit. Electrical permits are required for all electrical work on PEI. 

What are the types of electrical licenses?

There are several types of licenses related to electrical work. 

  1. An Electrical Contractor License allows persons to contract for all areas of electrical work. Any work is to be completed as defined in the, PEI Electrical Inspection Act and Regulations. The qualifications for this license are also listed in the regulations

    In order to work as an installer, for an Electrical Contractor a person has to be certified, as defined in the Electrical Inspection Act and Regulations. 

  2. A Restricted Contractor License will allow a person to do work in a restricted area of electrical installations, as listed in schedule 5 of the latest edition of the PEI Canadian Electrical Code Regulations.

    Qualifications for this license are listed in the Electrical Inspection Act and Regulations.

  3. A Registered Technician’s Licence can be issued to an individual, wishing to work for a Restricted Electrical Contractor, in one of the restricted areas of electrical work.

  4. A Special Electrician’s License may be issued to an applicant wishing to maintain or operate electrical systems, or other related equipment on his or her employer’s premises only. The qualifications for this license can be found in the Electrical Inspection Act and Regulations.

  5. An Annual Permit  may be issued at the discretion of the Chief Electrical Inspector upon payment of the required fee. At the discretion of the Department, inspections shall be conducted as required on any electrical work carried out on the premises of an annual permit holder. Contractors and installer’s are advised to obtain a current addition of the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1,as well as the PEI Electrical Inspection Act Regulations and the PEI Canadian Electrical Code Regulations.

What are the fees?

The fees for the various licenses can be found in the Electrical Inspection Act Regulations.

Who can I contact for more information?

Mike Smith (Chief Electrical Inspector)
Inspection Services
J. Elmer Blanchard Building
31 Gordon Drive
Charlottetown, PEI
Telephone: (902) 368-5578
Fax (902) 368-5526
Email: mdsmith@gov.pe.ca
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Published date: 
February 21, 2023