Finding the right staff

In the beginning, you may choose to operate your business on your own or with a select number of employees. As your business gets established or begins to grow, you may need to hire additional staff to help you with the tasks of running your business.

Character, commitment and compatibility

Hiring in the current business environment requires more than scanning resumes and conducting interviews to find someone with the skills, experience and ability to do the job. Now, more than ever, you must consider the “whole” person you want to hire. Does this person suit the culture of your company; have values that align with yours and the ability get along with co-workers? Is this employee committed to you for the long haul, willing to work for the wages you are offering and showing potential to accept new responsibilities as your company grows?

Compensation and other costs

There are costs associated with hiring workers. Finding, interviewing and possibly training new staff takes time and financial resources. Your employee will need a space to work which may require you to purchase new office furniture, tools and equipment, and technology. Then you must accept the ongoing commitment for salary, benefits and taxes. Consider your staff as an investment.

Employer responsibilities

As an employer, you are responsible to act in accordance with the Prince Edward Island Employment Standards Act. You are also responsible for protecting your workers. If you are a new employer you must register with Workers Compensation Board before you start operations. 

Can I get support to hire new staff?

Government funds a number of iniatives to encourage employment and to assist with skills training and development. For an overview of support available to your business, look in Hiring and Wage Incentives

In addition, you may be eligible for financial assistance through one of the following supports for PEI business:

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Human Resource Planning Implementation
  • Innovation and Development Labour Rebate
  • Specialized Labour Tax Credit
Published date: 
May 9, 2016
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