Information and Communications Technology

Prince Edward Island's Information and Communications Technology sector is consistently growing across many areas including:

  • health care
  • independent software vendors
  • financial services
  • aerospace and defence
  • wireless and mobile applications
  • gaming

From applied research and new product development through to supporting the needs of growing businesses, technology companies will find everything they need in Prince Edward Island.

As an ideal near shore location situated between major North American and European cities, Prince Edward Island offers a compelling package of benefits to prospective Information and Communications Technology companies.

Improved profitability:

Global companies have established their most profitable near shore locations in Prince Edward Island thanks to a number of factors such as:

  • our highly productive workforce;
  • lowest operating cost in the G7; and
  • positive tax environment and support program.

Skilled and loyal workforce:

Prince Edward Island is known for its dedicated, skilled and loyal workforce, where the average job tenure is 9 years.  Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.  With a regional draw base of 2.4 million people and committed local training institutes, PEI companies have access to the skilled individuals they need to thrive and grow in local and international markets. 

PEI has it all:

  • live in an environment that offers affordable housing
  • little traffic
  • low crime rates
  • great educational institutions
  • universal government-funded healthcare
  • friendly neighbours and a
  • short drive to work

Prince Edward Island is the lowest-cost location in North America to operate a near-shore/shared service centre, according to the 2010 KPMG Competitive Alternatives Study. Prince Edward Island operational costs average 16% less than total operating costs in Toronto.

World class strategic infrastructure:

Prince Edward Island prides itself on providing its companies with the most advanced framework to support company growth.

Examples include:

Highly responsive to the needs of your innovative company:

In Prince Edward Island, we understand that Information and Communications Technology is a fast paced sector and decisions need to be made quickly to capitalize on emerging opportunities. To respond to your needs, Innovation PEI:

  • Uses our small size to its advantage, to cut through red tape, access key decision-makers, and respond quickly to your company's growth plans.
  • Offers a series of R&D and commercially driven innovation supports to help you bring new products to market successfully.


For more information, contact our Information and Communications Technology, Software and Gaming Business Development Professionals.

Published date: 
January 13, 2021
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