PEIBF Residential Pilot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    What is the start date of the program?

  • Applications will be accepted for work/solutions implemented on or after August 25, 2020.  Projects of $500 or greater require prior approval before work commences. 

2.    What is the end date of the program?

  • Program closing date is March 31,2021

3.    Are cottages or summer homes of full-time PEI residents eligible?

  • The PEIBF Residential Pilot is available to primary residences of full-time PEI residents.  Secondary homes are not eligible under the program criteria. 

4.   How can I learn about planned internet service coverage across PEI?

  • For information about work and funding to improve internet service coverage in PEI, please visit PEI's Internet Plan

5.    Is HST Included?

  • If the Applicant (resident) is not eligible to have HST refunded, HST will be included in the reimbursement total.   
  • If the Applicant (resident) is eligible to have HST refunded, HST will not be included in the reimbursement total.  
  • Vendors with a HST number will not be refunded HST.

6.    Is payment upfront required by the Applicant for reimbursement?

  • Projects $500 or less
    • Once the project is complete, the Applicant can submit the invoice and proof of payment at time of application, based on whether the Applicant has paid the invoice.    
  • Projects $500 or greater
    • Reimbursement to the Applicant:  Once the project is approved and complete, the Applicant submits the invoice, proof of payment and EFT-banking information.  
    • Reimbursement to the Vendor:  Once the project is approved and complete, the Applicant submits the invoice, signs off that the work has been completed, and requests payment to be sent directly to the Vendor.

7.    Can businesses apply to this program?

  • No, the Residential Pilot only accepts applications for the primary residences of permanent full-time residents of Prince Edward Island. 

8.    Does the Residential Pilot include support for equipment? 

  • The PEIBF Residential Pilot is focused on providing support for solutions that will improve the ability of a residence to receive or improve wireless internet speed. Equipment inside the home such as modems, routers, wifi boosters, etc. are not eligible.

9.    Is fibre to a home covered?

  • No, running fibre to the home is not covered. Connection fees are not covered.

10.    Can a person apply for more than one location? 

  • No, the application must be for the resident’s primary residence.

11.    Client is having trouble submitting application.

  • Applicants should ensure the browser is up-to-date for best results.  If difficulty submitting an application continues, try another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.
  • Hard copy applications can be requested by contacting 902-368-4469 or

12.    Can an applicant contact more than one vendor to receive advice?

  • Yes, an applicant can contact more than one internet service provider and choose the best wireless solution that works for them.   

13.    What Service Providers are eligible?

  • Preference is given to internet service providers that are PEI registered businesses.  If a client prefers to engage the services of an internet service provider outside of PEI, confirmation that the company is qualified to perform the work i.e. business registration in their province or federal business registration number will be required.  The client will also need to provide a reason for this decision.  
  • For information on wireless internet service providers that may offer coverage in your area, please email with your civic address, or consult:

14.    Can a client access other IPEI supports for the project? 

  • No, 100% funding is provided under the Residential Pilot.

15.   How will I know if I was approved?

  • Applications that are complete and accurate, and include all the required attachments will be processed in order of receipt.  Applicants will receive electronic (email) notification upon completion of the review.


If your question is still not answered, please submit your inquiry through our online INQUIRY FORM.
Published date: 
August 20, 2020
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