The PEI Advantage

As the lead economic development agency for Prince Edward Island, Innovation PEI works as a team with other levels of government through Innovation PEI to provide you with timely one-stop investment services.

Innovation PEI is the most responsive and client-focused business attraction unit in Canada.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Prince Edward Island

  1. A cost-effective and business-friendly environment
  2. A highly skilled and educated labour pool
  3. Strategic infrastructure
  4. Access to major markets
  5. Quality of life that is second to none

Prince Edward Island has earned a reputation as a prime location to do business. Our provincial government supports innovation and business development activities within a strong and diversified economy.

"There's something special about Prince Edward Island that makes things thrive and it's not just our rich red soil. Together, we have created the right environment for businesses to grow and prosper."

For complete investment information and to learn more about the benefits of growing your company in Prince Edward Island, contact Innovation PEI directly:

Phone: 902-368-6300

Toll-free: 1-866-822-5500

Low-cost location

Prince Edward Island is one of the lowest-cost locations for business in the G7 according to the KPMG Study on business costs. Your business will find a welcoming and friendly environment, highly qualified personnel, communication and business infrastructure.

Our businesses benefit from high labour participation and single-digit turnover rates.

Innovation PEI works constantly with our employers and post-secondary institutions to expand educational programs and to ensure the local economy and labour market requirements are being met. Here are a few interesting statistics from Statistics Canada:

  • unemployment rate of 11% (March 2016);
  • labour participation rate of 65.9% (March 2016); and
  • employment rate of 58.6% (March 2016)

A safe and peaceful lifestyle

In Prince Edward Island people live in an environment that offers big opportunities, affordable housing, light traffic, peaceful communities, great schools, universal public healthcare, friendly neighbours and a few minutes drive between home and work.

This is a place where your voice matters, where you can make a difference. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Prince Edward Island; relax and find your balance.

World renowned for its lobster, potatoes, and as a popular tourism destination, Prince Edward Island offers a lifestyle that is a rarity to find in this day and age.

Prince Edward Island’s safe and welcoming environment has miles of fresh and clean sandy white beaches and championship golf courses all within a few minutes’ drive from cities such as historic Charlottetown - the Birthplace of Canada.

Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian provinces but it represents the best of all that Canada can be.... it could be your home.

A convenient and strategic location

Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off the Atlantic Coast of the eastern Canadian mainland. One of the four Atlantic Provinces, this crescent shaped Island is separated from the mainland by the Northumberland Strait.

Prince Edward Island sits between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. This prime location offers excellent access to North American and European markets with year-round ports, major air cargo routes, and high-bulk land transportation.

PEI is in the Atlantic Time Zone; four hours behind London, four hours ahead of Los Angeles and one hour ahead of the Eastern United States.

Working in Canada's playground

Among such natural beauty and good-natured people, there are great career and business opportunities for you. Are you interested in aerospace and defence? Check out our growing cluster of world-class companies. Involved in bioscience? Prince Edward Island has a strong base of companies and institutions in research and development, with close connections to the innovative University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College. The information and communications technology sector thrives in Prince Edward Island with growing financial services, data services, and gaming sectors.

Prince Edward Island offers distinct advantages - access to the North American Free Trade Agreement and the emerging Canada-Europe Trade Agreement; less than two hours flight to New York, Boston and Toronto, an educated workforce, a responsive government, and affordable costs. Prince Edward Island has world class technologies and a strategic location with quality strategic infrastructure to support your investments.

Islanders are special people, and you can join them.  Spend quality time with your family instead of wasted hours commuting. The province boasts a vibrant culture, lifelong learning, and a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy our exceptional cultural life:

  • main stage and community theatres
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • restaurants
  • year-round calendar of festivals and events
  • fabulous beaches and swimming
  • great golf
  • scenic walking trails

A lifestyle that offers a healthy balance between work, family, and fun is a reality in Prince Edward Island and it's all within your reach.

Published date: 
March 2, 2023
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