Getting Married on PEI

You must have a PEI marriage license before you can be married in PEI. After your marriage takes place and is officially registered with Vital Statistics, you can apply for either a Certified Copy of Registration of Marriage or a Marriage Certificate, which are legal documents for proof of marriage. 

How long in advance should I get my marriage licence?

A marriage license is valid for three months. It will be issued on site so you do not have to wait for it to be processed or delivered to you. More information is available at Getting a Marriage License in PEI.

What if I plan to be married outside PEI?

If you plan to be married out of province, a PEI license is not required. You will require a license according to the rules of your marriage location.

What if I change my last name when I get married? 

If you change your surname for marriage, you can change the surname on your identification documents (passport, driver’s licence) and most bank and insurance documents using your marriage certificate.

Changing your surname for marriage will not change the name on your birth certificate. If at any time you decide to revert to your birth surname, your birth certificate is all that will be required to change your identification documents. Changing the name on your birth certificate is a legal process; you must apply to Vital Statistics for a legal change of name

Do I need a permit to get married at a provincial park or beach in PEI?

You must obtain permission from Government, at least two months in advance, to hold any special event on provincially owned land. For more information refer to Provincially Owned Property in PEI

What if I live out of province but want to get married in PEI?

If you live outside the province you will still have to follow the process described above. If your birth certificate is issued in a language other than English or French you are responsible for having it officially translated and notarized.  You must present both the original certificate and the translated document at the time of licensing.

How do I find someone to perform my marriage ceremony?

If you choose a religious ceremony, you can find a registered clergy to perform the ceremony. If you want to be married in a civil ceremony, you must make arrangements with the provincial prothonotary or one of the registered marriage commissioners in PEI. Here is a current list of registered PEI marriage commissioners.

Where can I find more information about planning a wedding on Prince Edward Island?

You will find information about helpful wedding planning services on Prince Edward Island by visiting our Tourism PEI website.

Published date: 
November 10, 2022