Maintenance Enforcement Program Enrollment

The Maintenance Enforcement Program manages any child and spousal support payments contained in a court order or separation agreement and registered with the PEI program. A person making payments is called the payor; the person receiving payments is the recipient. Under the Maintenance Enforcement Act, enforcement officers have authority to take action to enforce support obligations in arrears.



How do I register with Maintenance Enforcement?

Submit a completed registration form with a copy of your current court order or separation agreement to the Maintenance Enforcement Program. Access the registration form one of the following ways:

How long does it take to become enrolled?

It may take two to three weeks to process your enrollment. A notice of filing will be issued once your enrollment is complete. If you have not received this within one month, contact MEP.

MEP will issue you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you will need to access up-to-date information about your personal case file anytime.

You will need both your PIN and case file number to get personal information as follows:

All information about a case is confidential and will be released only as necessary to enforce a support order or agreement.

Is there a fee for the Maintenance Enforcement Program?

There is no fee to be enrolled in the program.  Charges may be applied, however, for late payments and enforcement action.

  • A deterrent fee is charged when a payment obligation is one month in default and for each month thereafter that the ledger carries a child support arrears balance.
  • A service fee is charged according to the action required to collect an outstanding support obligation. This fee is used to help cover costs of operating the program.

What if my partner has been violent in the past?

If you tell us your partner has been violent in the past, we will handle your case carefully. Any information provided to us about any case is kept confidential, except where necessary to enforce an order.

Where can I contact for more information about the Maintenance Enforcement Program?
For more information about the program, visit MEP’s Frequently Asked Questions page
You may also wish to review MEP’s Policy and Procedures manual, found here:   MEPS Policy and Procedures manual


Maintenance Enforcement Program
Honourable C.R. McQuaid Family Law Centre
1 Harbourside Access Road
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 8C1

Phone: (902) 894-0383
Fax: (902) 368-6934


Published date: 
February 25, 2021