PEI's Conservation Officers

Call 911 to report a fire, report a crime or save a life.
To report a marine pollution incident to the Coast Guard call 1-800-565-1633. 
To report a wildlife related enforcement matter after normal office hours call (902) 368-4884 or visit

What do conservation officers do?

The Conservation and Enforcement section of the Department of Justice and Public safety are tasked with enforcing a variety of both provincial and federal legislation through the diligent efforts of Conservation Officers. The Officers conduct patrols across highways, waterways, trails, forests, beaches, farmlands, and natural areas within the province. Their mandate includes the preservation of the provinces’ natural resources, wildlife, the environment and public safety.          

Conservation Officers are actively engaged in a wide variety of enforcement initiatives spanning the entire province. Their responsibilities include responding to public complaints and conducting targeted patrols to address non-compliance issues. These issues include matters relating to hunting, fishing, trapping, off highway vehicles, water safety, highway traffic and environmental infractions to name a few.

Did you know?

75 per cent of investigations by conservation officers into environmental matters are in response to public complaints.    

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping can hurt the environment, wildlife and communities. It's also illegal and will result in fines. To report illegal dumping, call 902-368-4884. Conservation officers will follow-up on your tip. To learn more about proper disposal of waste, visit Island Waste Management. 

How can I contact a conservation officer?

During regular office hours, contact a Conservation Officer in your area. Tips can also be shared online through the report a wildlife violation tool.

Office Location
Phone Number
(902) 368-4884
(902) 838-0600
Queens County
(902) 368-4884
(902) 687-7000
(902) 888-8000
(902) 854-7250

Activity Reports
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Enforcement Actions Map 2017 [1.2 Mb]



2019 warnings
2020 charges
2021 warnings

2022  charges

2022  warnings
Enforcement Statistics 2018 to 2022
Environmental Protection Act
49 31 47 35 26 39
Wildlife Conservation Act   
10 8 10 12 24 9 3 7
Fisheries Act (federal)
9 2 14 2 45 4 9 2
Off Highway Vehicle Act
45 20 93 56 95 52 90 60
Highway Traffic Act
74 12 67 20 57 7 24 7
74 233 121 268 107 152 115


Conservation officers enforce the following provincial legislation, all of which are administered by other government departments:

Off Highway Vehicle Act

Environmental Protection Act

Wildlife Conservation Act

Pesticide Control Act

Trails Act

Unsightly Property Act

Companion Animal Protection Act / Dog Act

Natural Areas Protection Act

Trespass to Property Act

Fire Prevention Act

Forest Management Act

Agricultural Crop Rotation Act

Highway Traffic Act

Beverage Container Act

Recreation Development Act

Planning Act

Conservation officers are also responsible for enforcing federal legislation including the Criminal CodeFisheries Act (Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations), Migratory Birds Convention ActCanada Shipping Act (Small Vessel Regulations), and the Species at Risk Act. You can find information about federal legislation on the Government of Canada website.



Published date: 
March 14, 2016
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