Reservists Leave (Military Service)

Who is eligible for reservist leave?

An employee who is also a member of the Canadian Forces Reserves in entitled to an unpaid period of absence if that employee:

  • has been employed by the same civilian employer for at least six consecutive months; and
  • is required to be absent from work for the purpose of training or active duty

How much notice must an employee give to their employer?

You must provide as much notice to the employer as is reasonable in the circumstances including the anticipated start and end date of the leave. The notice must be in writing.

If the employer requests it, the employee must provide verification of the need and duration of the period of service for the purpose of training or active duty.

Will my leave of absence affect my employment status?

When an employee returns from reservist leave, he or she must be accepted back into the same position or a comparable one with no loss of seniority or benefits.

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October 29, 2015
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