Stopping Child Support Payments

A child support order or agreement  may specify when child support will end.  It may end  when the child reaches the age of majority or for as long as a child is a full-time student. Payments may be required to continue for longer, depending on the child’s living situation and circumstances.

What if the order or agreement does not state an end to payments?

If it is not specified in the order or agreement, the Maintenance Enforcement Program must decide when to stop enforcing child support payments.  The decision will be based on the child’s current status, i.e. living independently, attending school, and working full or part time. It is important to report to MEP any change in circumstances for either parent or the child.

What if we cannot agree on a time to stop payments?

If either the payor or recipient disagrees with the MEP decision to continue or to stop payments, they can apply to the court to change the original order or agreement and have an end date added.  


Published date: 
April 19, 2018
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