Supervised Access and Exchange Program

Supervised access is a type of visitation between separated or divorced parents and children that takes place with a trained, independent service provider. The visit takes place at a child-centered visiting place equipped with toys and games to help make the visit positive.

By comparison, a supervised exchange happens with a neutral third party picks up children from one parent and escorts them to the other parent at the visiting place. 

How do I access the program?

A judge may order that supervised access and exchange take place for a variety of reasons. The referral for supervised access must come from a court order. Parties may agree and execute a consent order, and if signed by a judge, they can enter the program.

There is no cost to families to access the service. Service delivery is available seven days a week and on evenings, on times to be agreed upon by the clients and service providers, with consideration to the judge’s order

Where do the visits take place?

Supervised access and exchange sites are provided by CHANCES and Family Resource Centres at their child and family-friendly spaces across the province. The Mi’Kmaq Family Resource Center in Charlottetown also provides space for First Nations families.

Who supervises the visits?

There are about 100 certified service providers in the province. Training was coordinated by the Family Law section with support from Nova Scotia service providers. Culturally appropriate service is available for Francophone or Indigenous families.

Who can I contact for more information?

Supervised Access and Exchange Program

Family Law Centre (Charlottetown)

Phone: (902) 368-6928



Published date: 
November 22, 2016
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