What is parenting coordination?

Parenting Coordinators help separated or divorced parents to implement their existing parenting arrangement in a child-focused manner in order to minimize parental conflict and reduce risk to children. The parenting coordination program is planned to begin in 2018.

The Parenting Coordinator can help parents work out parenting arrangement issues as they arise. A Parenting Coordinator may assist parties who have difficulty communicating with each other to create guidelines for respectful communication. A Parenting Coordinator will also assist parents to identify and create strategies for resolving future parental conflicts.

Parenting Coordinators assist parents to resolve their parenting disputes through mediation and parent education. If, after the Parenting Coordinator has mediated the issue, the parties still cannot come to an agreement, the Parenting Coordinator can make binding decisions on certain parenting matters.

This alternative dispute resolution process is intended to improve the ability of separated and divorced parents to communicate and make decisions in a way that supports a healthy co-parenting relationship that is in the children’s best interests, and reduces the likelihood of parents continually going back to Court.

How does a Parenting Coordinator become involved?

There are two ways a Parenting Coordinator can become involved:

  1. By Court Order - If a child’s parents or family members are involved in a high-conflict child custody or access court case, a judge can make an Order appointing a Parenting Coordinator. A party (e.g. parent) to a custody/access court proceeding can ask the judge to appoint a Parenting Coordinator, but it is ultimately the judge’s decision. 
  1. By agreement – Separated or divorced parents who have a parenting plan (e.g. a Separation Agreement or Court Order that contains a parenting schedule, etc.) can hire a private sector Parent Coordinator to help them implement their parenting plan and to resolve parenting conflicts that may arise.


Who can I contact for more information?

Parenting Coordination Program

Family Law Centre (Charlottetown)

Phone: (902) 368-6928



Published date: 
April 12, 2017
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