Land Matters Advisory Committee

The Land Matters Advisory Committee will support government’s efforts to develop land policy and legislation and will provide advice and guidance to ensure policies and legislation reflect the current and future needs of the province.

What is the function of the committee?

The Land Matters Advisory Committee will:

  1. Invite individuals/organizations to present to the Advisory Committee on topics related to the Land Matters Project;
  2. Provide recommendations for potential areas of focus for public engagement based on information provided to the Committee;
  3. Consider and comment on data obtained through the Land Matters website;
  4. Advise on opportunities for effective engagement mechanisms, to ensure meaningful dialogue with residents of PEI with respect to land-related legislation and policy;
  5. Review and provide input to various reports that may result from the Project; and
  6. Produce public-facing reports, including a final report containing recommendations for government.

How many people are on the committee?

The committee will consist of ten members selected by Engage PEI and will have two co-chairs chosen by the Minister of Agriculture and Land.

What are the requirements of committee members?

Individuals with a background in, and/or knowledge of, land-related issues, policies or legislation are encouraged to apply.

What are the nomination requirements?

Appointments to the committee shall be made by the Minister.  

Will I get paid?

The co-chairs shall be paid a per diem of $113 and Committee Members a per diem of $73.

How can I apply?

If you would like to serve as a member of the Land Matters Advisory Committee, apply online through Engage PEI


For further information about the advisory committee, you may contact

Published date: 
July 31, 2020
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