Color Chic @ Fong Fong: Immigration at Work

Owners of Color Chic @ Fong Fong: Fisher and Fong Fong Wang

Fisher Wang came to PEI in March 2014 with his wife Fong Fong and their son.  Fong Fong was a senior make-up artist for ten years with renowned beauty brands Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown and was as expert nail artist for four years while Fisher was a sales manager.  Color Chic @ Fong Fong nail salon is owned and operated by this friendly couple who possess a great combination of artistic and business skills.  Their salon, located at 5 – 393 University Avenue in Charlottetown, offers a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

“We came here mostly because of our son’s education. And we found the education system here much better than in China,” Fisher said.  

Color Chic @ Fong Fong offers services like make-up application, nail art, eyebrow shaping and jewellery retail.  Fong Fong works in the business as a professional nail and makeup artist while Fisher is the sales and marketing manager.

“Our customer base is 95 percent local people.  We offer high quality services with the best material. Our customers (and we) are very happy about it,” Fisher said.

Fisher is optimistic and has a positive outlook on the business.  Although they have experienced some challenges like language barriers, PEI’s small population, and competition, they feel they are overcoming these challenges well.

“We know that competition is everywhere, but we feel we offer better services with high quality, and our customers have enjoyable experiences with us.  We believe that positioning in business is very important,” Fisher said. Throughout their journey they have worked with local professionals to seek advice on marketing strategies and accounting advice.  

“Since immigrants come here from different cultures, sometimes they find it challenging to adapt themselves in the Canadian business community. But I think they should dare to start their own business and start learning by doing. They should have more confidence and courage to start their own business and it will be rewarding,” Fisher advised.


Published date: 
August 25, 2016
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