The Little Kitchen: Immigration at Work

Owner of The Little Kitchen: "Danny" Siu Kei Shum

Located at the corner of University Avenue and Chestnut Street, Danny Shum and his wife are serving up Asian Fusion dishes, with a side of smiles and hospitality. Danny moved his family to PEI in April 2014, from the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolitan city of Shenzen, China. Danny studied in Regina and Toronto for over 5 years and this is where he acquired a love for Canadian culture and the lifestyle that is rewarded to its residents.

In August 2015, Danny and his wife purchased an office building that they converted into a small restaurant that specializes in “Asian Fusion”. Danny defines Asian Fusion as food that he and his family would eat at home and that it wouldn’t be fair to narrow down their food to any specific region of Chinese cuisine. Since the restaurant opened its doors, Danny has remained true to his dream of maintaining a small and personal experience for lunch goers. When asked what he likes most about owning and operating The Little Kitchen, Danny was quick to say “We like to have lots of contact with our customers so that we can build better relationships”. Danny maintains that he will not look to expand the restaurant, as that would take away from his ability to have interactions with everyone who enters The Little Kitchen. Beyond being able to serve his customers with quality food and a great environment, the most important thing for Danny is the ability to spend plenty of quality time with his wife and son. For Danny, having a balance between work and family is perfect and it is something that he can enjoy more while living in PEI.

Aside from family time, some of the things Danny and his family enjoy most about PEI include the feeling of community, fresh air and water, and beautiful scenery. Danny admires the culture and lifestyle of the Island. “PEI is not a material place, but rather it is a natural and beautiful place.” For Danny, the move to PEI has awarded him more time to spend with his family. Danny challenges anyone looking to come to PEI to step outside of their comfort zone and try something outside of the box. For Danny, this is how they will “find their passion” and allow them to do something they enjoy in PEI. This mindset worked for Danny, as you would be hard-pressed to walk through the doors of The Little Kitchen and not be greeted with a genuine smile.


Published date: 
February 1, 2018
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