Roland Tour: Immigration at Work

Owner of Roland Tour: "Roland" Liu Fei

In February 2014, Roland made the decision to move his family from Beijing, China to Prince Edward Island. Roland immediately took to the natural beauty of the island and identified the tourism industry as an opportunity for him to start his new business in PEI. Roland opened Roland Tour Inc. in February 2016 with the goal of providing a relaxed travel service for vacationers from all over Asia and parts of Europe, showcasing the beauty and culture that the Maritimes and Prince Edward Island have to offer. Roland has a passion for helping people and aiding them in becoming familiar and acclimatized to Canadian culture. This passion is what prompted the second part of his business: a service the takes newcomers and shows them all of the important locations that they will need to know upon arriving in PEI.

Roland has gradually seen his business grow and is starting to see more and more outreach as a result. “My goal is to help people come to PEI. I want to share not just the scenery, but the culture and tradition of PEI”. Roland’s success is largely attributed to his exuberant and kind personality, along with his passion to create a positive image for Chinese communities and create a good reputation for all Chinese people in PEI. Roland has aspirations to help give back to the province that has welcomed him and show that “Chinese Islanders” truly do have a passion for giving back to the local community.

Roland is an avid sports fan and has identified the Charlottetown Islanders as part of the fabric the makes up Island traditions. Through his sponsorship of the Islanders, Roland believes that he is truly giving back to something that he views as distinctly Canadian. Roland has plans to expand his business in the future. Through additional hires and perhaps a new office space, Roland believes that he can continue to give back and help newcomers feel at home in PEI.

Roland is extremely grateful to call PEI home and with the birth of his family’s first Island-born member, Roland hopes that he can continue to have an impact on the community that he loves. Roland thinks that more newcomers should come and call PEI home and has some advice for people looking to move to PEI, “Jump into the culture and community of PEI. Don’t be shy and together we can work hard for a bright future”.

Published date: 
February 1, 2018
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