Sundance Cottages: Immigration at Work

Owner of Sundance Cottages: Youling Wei

Youling with her two partners, Yan Wang and Zeming Li purchased Sundance Cottages in Cavendish.  The three partners recognized a good business opportunity when they purchased the business.  The first tourist season was a challenging experience.  For Youling, who has a background in marketing, tourism was a new industry and she really learned a lot.

The three partners plan to continue to grow the business and build on its reputation.  The company has committed to continually upgrade and renovate the operation to ensure the cottages remain in good condition to ensure their guests enjoy a great experience.  Youling thinks that there is a great advantage to operating a cottage business on PEI, the revenue is similar to those in larger areas but the operating costs are lower.

Youling Wei moved to PEI with her husband and daughter in 2014.  After living in a city with more than 1.5 million people they find the relaxing and quiet environment on PEI very appealing.  Since arriving on PEI, Youling has received help from many different people and organizations and she is appreciative of the assistance she has received.  In particular, the former owners of Sundance Cottages offer help when needed and the employees have been great to work with.  The Cavendish Tourism Association has also provided assistance whenever needed as issues arise.

Youling has a lot of praise for the PEI school system.  The hands-on approach offered on PEI is not offered in larger cities.  The teachers not only care about the students’ marks but also about their personal well-being.  Any issues and concerns that a teacher has with a student is dealt with directly with the parents.  You do not need to be in a big city to get a better education.  Youling is proud that her daughter was able to choose the university she will attend and is pleased with the variety of options available in Canada.

“There will be an adjustment coming from a large city.  It may feel like there’s less opportunity but this is not true.  Opportunity is everywhere!” advised Youling.

Published date: 
August 25, 2016
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