Work Place Diversity

What is work place diversity?

Work place diversity means people coming from different ethnicities and social backgrounds work together in an organization. Diversity recognizes, respects, and values individual differences to enable each person to maximize his or her own potential.

Diversity removes barriers to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to succeed in reaching their personal and professional goals.

What are the benefits of a diverse workforce?

  • Creates a more inclusive and supportive work environment
  • Attracts enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Increases productivity as employees work together towards a common goal using different sets of skills, ideas and experiences
  • Offers a competitive edge to any organization by recruiting and retaining talent from a diverse pool
  • Drives economic growth
  • Enhances the image and reputation of the organization with external stakeholders
  • Offers a broader variety of services and solutions to customers on a global base

What does it mean to value diversity in the workplace?

  • A workplace which values diversity is one in which all individuals are treated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.
  • An initial step in achieving this goal is to establish a work environment where there is zero tolerance for any kind of harassment or discrimination.
  • It is important to create a welcoming work environment that supports diversity and encourages the participation and retention of people that are under-represented.

Is diversity management a form of reverse discrimination?

No, a program of positive measures to overcome discrimination is not reverse discrimination. Some groups have had almost exclusive access to opportunities while others have historically been disadvantaged. Service to our diverse Island population will be enhanced by having a diverse workforce.

Is diversity a quota system?

No, diversity is not a quota system. It is an ongoing strategic and human resource management process that supports the Public Service Commission’s business objectives, mission and goals.

Where could I get more information on PEI Diversity Programs and Services?

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PO Box 2000, Charlottetown
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Published date: 
December 30, 2019
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