Community Development Program

The purpose of the Community Development Program is to:

  • enable non-governmental organizations and municipal governments to access funds for strategic economic projects, regional support projects, and community capacity building which assists in strengthening and sustaining rural communities.

There are three eligible project categories:

  • Strategic Economic Projects: Capital projects that will promote economic initiatives with respect to regional development, diversification, innovation, and key emerging sectors.
  • Regional Support Projects: Capital projects that support regional priorities to enhance the social, heritage, cultural, recreational, health & safety of Island communities. Projects in these categories are eligible for renovation or expansion of existing community infrastructure. New construction is not eligible.
  • Community Capacity Building: Non- capital projects that provide capacity building for non-profit organizations with a clear link to economic and business development. Projects could also include engaging expertise for the purpose of strategic planning, organizational development and sustainability plans.

Who is eligible for funding assistance?

  1. Incorporated or registered non-profit organizations which have a mandate for community improvements or economic development activities.
  2. A municipal government or its agent, including a corporation that is wholly owned by the applicant.
  3. Non-profit cooperatives, that do not issue share dividends.

What funding assistance is available?

  • Financial assistance is in the form of a non-repayable contribution, normally to a maximum contribution of 50% or $25,000 of total eligible costs.
  • The client should normally contribute a monetary minimum of ten per cent of the total project cost (in kind ineligible).
  • Federal and Provincial funding cannot normally exceed 75% of the total project costs.
  • Advances of up to 50% may be made on approved projects when they have commenced. Based on a suitable claim for the initial advance a second payment may be provided for an additional 40% of the total contribution.
  • There will be a 10% hold back until the project is complete and a suitable claim submitted. Final claims must be submitted by March 31 of the year in which the project is completed.

What are the guidelines of the program?

  • Policies that outline special criteria and assist the approval process for specific project activities will be provided as a supplement to these guidelines.
  • A maximum of one application will be accepted per municipality or non-governmental organizations per fiscal year (March 31).
  • All recipients will be required to sign a standard funding agreement
  • Funds under the Community Development Program may be prioritized toward rural regional initiatives that create or enhance economic activity.
  • The funds available under the Program are limited.

What is the program deadline?

  • The program expires March 31, 2017 and no claims for funding will be accepted with expenditures incurred after that date.

Who do I contact for more Information?

For more information about the Community Development Program and other services provided by Rural Economic Development please contact your local Community Development Officer.

West Prince
Ellen Rennie
(902) 853-0184

East Prince/Central Queens
Kellie Mulligan
(902) 887-3975

West Prince/Evangeline
Giselle Bernard
(902) 854-3680

Southern Kings/Queens
Stephen Lewis
(902) 838-0618

Eastern Kings
Chris Blaisdell
(902) 687-7083


Published date: 
September 12, 2016
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