Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee

The Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee was formed in 1991 with representatives from Family and Human Services, education, police services, community organizations, and adult survivors. The mandate of the committee is to promote a coordinated, informed, cooperative, and collaborative response to child sexual abuse, and to promote public awareness and prevention strategies to reduce the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Prince Edward Island.

Most of the resources available for survivors of child sexual abuse that are in use in Prince Edward Island today were created by the Committee.

Other accomplishments include:

  • development of a child sexual abuse rural intervention model;
  • development of child sexual abuse protocol including guidelines and procedures for a coordinated response to child sexual abuse;
  • formation of the Charlottetown Child Abuse Interagency Committee.

Contact Information

Kelly Peck
Manager, Children's Services
Child and Family Services
Telephone: (902) 368-5342

Published date: 
December 10, 2020