Elder Abuse Awareness

It's ok to be young. It's ok to be older.

Ageism or age discrimination affects us all - young and old, men and women. Negative attitudes and stereotypes about aging is harmful as it sends a negative message about self worth, respect, and ability.

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What is elder abuse?

Abuse of older adults refers to actions that harm an older person or jeopardize the person's health or welfare. Abuse can be:

  • physical (e.g. hitting, confinement, withholding or under medicating),
  • emotional, verbal (e.g. name calling),
  • financial (e.g. taking money or property, forgery, fraud, misuse of a power of attorney),
  • sexual (sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact),
  • neglect and denial of civil and human rights.

On PEI the most common types of elder abuse are self-neglect, caregiver neglect, financial abuse, and emotional/verbal abuse.

There is no single cause of elder abuse. It may occur in relation to a single event or combination of life events such as physical or mental health illness, retirement, employment or family difficulties, addiction, or a dispute. It can affect older adults of any background, culture, religion, and economic status.

Research suggests that there are some factors that may increase the risk of elder abuse including:

  • lack of understanding that certain behaviours are wrong and are abusive;
  • negative attitudes about aging leading to disrespectful actions;
  • beliefs about the role and expectations of women and men;
  • lack of understanding of the needs and abilities of older adults;
  • longstanding abuse and violence in a family or relationship;
  • lack of awareness of the responsibilities of caregiving and limited access to support services.

Abuse is a form of family violence

Many forms of abuse and neglect of older adults are types of family violence. 

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March 17, 2023