Supports for Family Violence

If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, help is available.

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Adult and Child Protection

If anyone suspects a child or a vulnerable adult is at risk of neglect or abuse, report your concern.

Child Protection

1-877-341-3101 (8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday) and 1-800-341-6868 (after hours and weekends).

Adult Protection


  • Charlottetown (902) 368-4790
  • Montague (902) 838-0786
  • O'Leary (902) 859-8730.
  • Souris (902) 687-7096
  • Summerside (902) 888-8440

Other Community Supports

Here is a complete list of community supports that are available to those facing family violence situations.

Anderson House and Outreach Services

  • Anderson House is still accepting new residents. They will be screened and there are new guidelines in place for keeping both the shelter residents and staff safe.
  • Protocols have been developed at Anderson House to protect staff and clients while people who need to be in isolation stay at their shelter. People who are directed to self-isolate but need to go to Anderson House will not be subject to fines for not complying with the direction to self-isolate.
  • The Province has identified additional housing capacity to further support families of family violence, as needed, if and when Anderson House cannot accommodate.
  • If you or someone you know needs help, phone the Anderson House crisis line. Outreach Services are still available across the province, as well, and calling the crisis line is the best way to get connected to outreach. All calls are toll-free, anonymous and confidential.

Contact: 902-892-0960 or 1-800-240-9894 toll-free

Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter

  • Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter is currently accepting new residents but, like Anderson House, has implemented a new screening process. They have adopted their protocols and procedures to protect the health and safety of new residents, current residents, and shelter staff.  
  • People who are directed to self-isolate but need to go to Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter will not be subject to fines for not complying with the direction to self-isolate.
  • The shelter accepts both Indigenous and non-Indigenous women and their children but priority will be given to Indigenous women.

Contact: 1-902-831-2332 or 1-855-297-2332 toll-free

Victim Services

  • Victim services staff are working remotely from home and remain available for support and information, risk assessment and safety planning, as well assistance to apply for an emergency protection order in appropriate circumstances.
  • If you or someone you know needs assistance, call during business hours and someone will return your call. If the situation is urgent, call 911.

Contact: Kings and Queens Counties: 902-368-4582

                Prince County: 902-888-8218

PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre

The PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre is still accepting new clients of all genders. Staff are working remotely, and services are being delivered through videoconferencing and by phone.

Contact: 902-368-8055 or 1-888-368-8055 toll-free to request counselling services

The Bridge Program

Education, Child Protection Social Programs, Municipal Police Services, RCMP, PEI Family Violence Prevention, Probation Services, Public Health, Mental Health and Addictions and Victim Services are still continuing to work together through the Bridge Program to rapidly mobilize services and supports for individuals and families in situations of acutely elevated risk.

Student Well-being Teams

Student well-being teams usually work in schools advising, consulting and providing direct service to children and youth who are struggling with mental, social and physical health issues. Team members are working remotely from home and are available for support.

Visit Student Well-being Teams for contact information by family of school

    Community and Correctional Services

    Community and Correctional Services staff at probation, youth justice and clinical services are working remotely from home and are available to assist and support both youth and adults involved in the criminal justice system.

    For contacts, visit Community and Correctional Services

    Emergency Shelters

    • The emergency shelter line is operated 24 hours a day for those individuals in need of temporary shelter.  Individuals in need of shelter can call this line anytime to access housing supports. Call 1-833-220-4722
    • The Bedford MacDonald House, operated by the Salvation Army, provides temporary shelter to men who are in housing need. Individuals may call 902-892-2942.   
    • Blooming House is a women's shelter operating in Charlottetown. Call 902-482-0680 (9 am-5 pm) to request a bed or 902-367-0848 (8 pm-8 am) to arrange transportation or check availability.  
    • Deacon House is an overnight shelter for adult men with addictions in Charlottetown: Call 902-368-4036.

    The Community Outreach Centre currently located at 35 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown, follows the guidance of the Chief Public Health Officer for social distancing. It is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. Call 902-218-4927 during operating hours. Call the emergency shelter line outside those hours.

    Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention 

    The Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention was established in 1995 by former Premier Catherine Callbeck to provide education and awareness about family violence prevention and to implement and promote a provincial family violence prevention strategy.

    The committee includes representatives of government departments, community advocates, crisis and outreach workers, and representatives of legal, medical, and law enforcement circles. The committee's made-in-P.E.I. approach has been recognized nationally as a model of best practice for community involvement.

    To learn more about community supports and educational resources, visit the Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention website.

    Published date: 
    March 8, 2021
    Social Development and Seniors

    General Inquiries

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