Supreme Court and Court of Appeal COVID-19 FAQs

The Courts of Prince Edward Island continue to take all steps directed by the Public Health Emergency to contain community spread.  The Courts remain accessible, for urgent, emergency or essential matters, and mostly by audio and video means.

Are the courts in Prince Edward Island open?

Yes, the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in Prince Edward Island are open. However, all non-urgent matters are being rescheduled. The courts remain available to deal with urgent and emergency matters. If you have an urgent matter, contact your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, call the Registrar at 902-368-6669

I want to file a claim against someone or a business. Are limitation periods (or the rules around how long I have to file something) in PEI still in place?

Yes, PEI does not have any legislation that allows limitation periods to be suspended. That means, if you have a claim that has a limitation period, the limitation period still applies even though there is a public health emergency. If you have questions, contact a lawyer. If you have no lawyer, questions may be directed to the Registrar at 902-368-6669. 

How do I file documents with the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court?

You can still file documents in person, but the courts have issued a Practice Direction that allows and encourages people to file documents by email. The practice direction also updates some of the rules around filing documents by fax.  

You are asked to file by email or by fax.  

Visit for more information.  

I’m supposed to appear in the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. What should I do?

Do not come to the courthouse. If you have a lawyer, contact your lawyer to figure out if your current matter is urgent or to have your matter adjourned. Your lawyer can also help you figure out if your new matter is urgent and what steps you can take. If you do not have a lawyer please call the Court for further information at: (902) 368-6669.

I think I have an urgent matter for the Supreme Court. What should I do?

See response above

I’m supposed to make a payment on a writ. What should I do?

Do not come to the courthouse. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 902-620-3573 to make arrangements to pay your writ by online banking. For more information about the payments of writs and fines, visit: 

For more information

Published date: 
April 7, 2020
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