Licensed Tourism Accommodations

Tourism PEI is responsible to license all tourism establishments (accommodations), including fixed roof and campgrounds, as outlined in the Tourism Industry Act and regulations. This legislation defines a tourism establishment as:

"an establishment that provides temporary accommodation for a guest for a continuous period of less than one month, and includes a building, structure or place in which accommodation or lodging, with or without food, is furnished for a price to travellers such as a cabin, cottage, housekeeping unit, hotel, lodge, motel, inn, hostel, bed and breakfast establishment, resort, travel trailer, travel trailer park, recreational vehicle park, houseboat, camping cabin and campground."


What is required to license a PEI tourism establishment?

The requirements to be an operator or a licensed tourism establishment in Prince Edward Island, as defined by provincial legislation and regulations, are as follows:

Apply for a Tourism Establishment Licence before operations begin and pay fees

For new and existing properties, complete and submit the Tourism PEI Order Form

NOTE: All licence fees for tourism establishments were waived for the past two years in an effort to provide COVID-19 relief. Fees are in place for 2023 at the same rates charged in 2020.

Annual Inspections

Your establishment must be inspected annually and pass the inspection criteria. Results of a current water test must be provided at the time of inspection.

Regular Water Testing

You must perform bacteria water testing on the drinking water supply to your tourism accommodation every three months, or part thereof during the calendar year that the tourism establishment is receiving guests. A laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada must perform the water test.

Monthly Occupancy Reporting

You are required to report occupancy to Tourism PEI by the 10th day following the end of each month of operations. Tourism PEI staff can set you up to fill out your occupancy report online.

Please Note: If the property is located in a municipality with planning authority, you will need proof of municipal approval to be licensed.  If you are unsure, you can contact us using the information below. 

What is the purpose of licensing PEI tourism establishments?

There are approximately 1,300 licensed accommodation operators, over 12,860 fixed roof and campground sites available for visitors to Prince Edward Island. The Tourism PEI licensing program focuses on safety, cleanliness, education and prevention measures. This program protects consumers and Prince Edward Island's reputation as a quality destination. 

Tourism PEI and industry partners are extremely proud of the quality of our accommodations and work together to ensure our visitors enjoy the best possible vacation based on quality services and memorable experiences.

What happens to a tourism operation that does not meet requirements?

An operation or operator is non-compliant when one or more of the conditions required for licensing is not met as outlined in the Tourism Industry Act.

If after two months of compliance protocols and correspondence including phone calls, e-mails, letters and registered letters, an operator has not met the conditions of licence, the operation will be listed as non-compliant. Tourism PEI is then required to begin the process to revoke the licence to operate the tourism accommodation or to issue a fine as an unlicensed tourism establishment.

If an operation is listed as non-compliant and then meets the conditions of licence, the non-compliant listing is removed immediately and the establishment is listed in the licensed accommodation section (tourism inspection reports).

To see the inspection report of an individual property, send the name of the property and its civic address by email to 


Jason Thistle
Acting Manager of Operator Advancement & Regulatory Affairs
Telephone: 902-368-4398



Published date: 
August 22, 2022