Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program

The Tourism Accommodation Accelerator Program (TAAP) is a visitor incentive program that provides a $100 Canada’s Food Island gift card to visitors who book and stay at least two consecutive nights at a participating accommodation. TAAP is marketed to consumers as Stay 2 Get 100.

About the Stay 2 Get 100 - Fall 2021 program

When does the program run?

The first iteration of the TAAP ran from June 15 to July 31, 2021. Based on the success of the program and feedback from participants, a second iteration of this program will run from October 1 to November 30, 2021, or until the supply of gift cards is exhausted.

Are there any changes to the fall iteration of the Stay 2 Get 100?

Yes, based on participant feedback and program evaluation, several changes have been made, as follow:

  • any existing booking of at least two (2) consecutive nights with a participating accommodation provider made prior to October 1, 2021 is eligible (regardless of method of booking);
  • guests are encouraged to book directly with operators via contact information at;
  • no restrictions on bookings associated with other promotions or packages;
  • the maximum number of gift cards that a single eligible booking can receive is two $100 gift cards for stays of four or more nights;
  • participating accommodations will receive only one allotment of gift cards with no guarantee of restocking once the allotment is depleted.

How much does it cost to operators to participate in the program?

There is no cost to participate. As an operator, you are encouraged to develop and execute your own sales strategies to optimize the benefits of the program for your business.

Are there any requirements to participate in the program?

In order to participate in the program, an operator must:

  • meet the eligibility criteria;
  • register at;
  • enter into a participation agreement; and
  • file eligible booking reports as qualifying bookings are received.

What is the eligibility criteria for a participant?

  • must be a fixed-roof accommodation;
  • must have more than one licensed unit on the property;
  • must hold an accommodation license for 2021;
  • must not use their property, in whole or in part, for primary residential purposes.

Do existing bookings qualify?

Yes, new to the Stay 2 Get 100 program – Fall 2021 iteration, existing bookings of two or more consecutive nights do qualify for the incentive. Existing bookings that are only for one (1) night do not qualify. However, operators are encouraged to contact such guests and encourage longer booking(s) in order to qualify for the incentive.

If a single-night booking extends a stay to two or more nights, is the booking eligible?

Yes, subject to the availability of gift cards. Operators are encouraged to use the incentive with guests to extend stays. In fact, this is the spirit of the program - to stimulate incremental business for accommodation providers.

How do guests make bookings with my accommodation establishment?

Guests to book are free to make bookings with your establishment however you permit.

Visitors will be encouraged to make bookings directly with the participating accommodation providers through program promotion executed by Tourism PEI.

Contact information for the program (website and phone number) is listed at

How many gift cards can I provide if a guest stays longer than two nights?

TAAP permits one (1) free $100 Canada’s Food Island Gift Card for a two (2) night stay at participating accommodations. For stays longer than two (2) nights, you may provide an additional $100 Canada’s Food Island Gift Card for a stay of four (4) or more consecutive nights.

# of nights stayed # of gift cards issued
1 night not eligible
2 to 3 nights one gift card
4+ nights two gift cards

What is the eligible booking report?

The eligible booking report is an online form that must be submitted to ensure that gift cards will be activated for the guests that will receive them. For every qualifying booking received by a participating accommodation, you must submit an online form that includes the booking information and the gift card number(s) that will be allocated to the bookings. These booking reports are critical to ensure that gift cards will be activated for the guests that will receive them. Compliance with the submission of eligible booking reports is required for participating accommodation providers to be issued additional gift cards.

Once a booking report is completed and gift card(s) are allocated to that booking, write the name of the guest in the space provided on the back of the gift card and store it for safekeeping until the guest checks in.

How do I activate the gift cards for my guests?

By completing booking reports, Tourism PEI will activate gift cards for guests prior to their check-in, based on the eligible booking reports received. It is imperative that booking reports are received in order to activate gift cards.

Note: Gift cards for same-day bookings may not be activated until noon the following day.

What is the process if I submit a booking report and allocate a gift card(s) and the reservation is cancelled?

If you receive a cancellation for an eligible booking and you’ve allocated the gift card(s) through an eligible booking report, you must file a cancellation report at

Following the submission of the cancellation report, you may strike out the name of the guest from the back of the allocated gift card(s) and place it back in your inventory for a future booking. Once you receive a new eligible booking you can reallocate that gift card(s) and submit a new eligible booking report to ensure its activation, as with any new eligible booking.

My guests booking has been modified to change their check-in dates and I want to be sure their gift card will be activated for check-in.

The eligible booking report can be used to inform Tourism PEI of a booking modification. On the eligible booking report, there is a drop-down to choose whether it is a new eligible booking, or a modification to an existing eligible booking that you have previously submitted a report for.

When submitting a modification, enter the new booking details for the modified booking and ensure you choose modification from the drop-down menu provided. Include the new check-in date, number of nights stayed, and the gift card numbers allocated with the booking.  Note: if the booking modification results in a different number of nights stayed, and this change affects the number of gift cards to be allocated, enter the gift card numbers for all gift cards that will now be allocated to this booking.

How many gift cards will my business receive to use in this program?

Once accommodation providers are approved to participate in the program, they will receive their initial allocation of gift cards that will be based on the reported pre-existing bookings and the number of licensed units for their property. Due to the limited quantity, accommodations should not expect to receive additional gift cards. HMA reserves the right to collect and reallocate unused gift cards. A re-distribution may occur if operators close before the end of the program and have unused gift cards.

Should a gift card re-distribution occur, it will be done in the order that participating operators exhaust their card supplies which is measured through completion of online booking reports as gift cards are assigned to guests.

How will consumers know I am participating in the program?

Approved participating accommodations will be displayed at, where consumers will be directed for information on the program.

When do guests have to book by?

Guests can book anytime before November 30, 2021 for stays between October 1 and November 30, 2021 while gift card supplies last. Guests are encouraged to book early as properties may run out of gift cards.

What dates are bookings eligible for?

Eligible bookings must be made for stays that occur during the period of October 1 to November 30 inclusive.

Where can guests redeem the $100 Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards?

Find a list of restaurants, activities and attractions that accept Canada’s Food Island gift cards at

Can I have block out dates on this promotion?

No, the promotion is to be offered throughout the program period while your operation is open or while the supply of gift cards lasts.

Can visitors use the Canada’s Food Island gift card toward their accommodation booking?

Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards cannot be allocated against the cost of accommodation - see list of available merchants.

How can visitors check the balance on their Canada’s Food Island gift card?

Anyone can check the balance of a gift card at or call 1-800-755-8608 (toll-free).

When do the $100 Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards expire?

Gift cards expire December 31, 2027.

Visit Canada’s Food Island gift cards FAQ for more information
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September 22, 2021
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