Bruce Point Road boundaries

Surveyors have confirmed the boundaries of the Bruce Point Road and the final survey plan establishes permanent public access to Boughton Island. 

Significant evidence was gathered from various sources including historical records, land title research, surveys, aerial photography and local residents who provided numerous accounts of use of this road over many decades to access the shore, and by extension, Boughton Island. Government departments and non-government organizations were also asked about their use of the road in the past.

Based on the evidence and information available, it is the surveyor's opinion that the existing travelled road is and has been a public road. This road would have a width not exceeding 12.2 metres, the width of most roads established on PEI in the late 1800s.

Recommendations from Surveyor

  1. That the road be surveyed to mark the boundaries of the public corridor to the shore at Launching Bay
  2. Should the gate be located within the corridor upon confirmation of the location of the corridor by survey, the gate should be removed as it would be considered to be blocking the public right-of-way as per the Roads Act.
  3. That Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy work with environment officials to address any concerns about encroachments onto environmentally sensitive areas. 
Published date: 
June 21, 2019
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