Electric Kick-scooters

New Electric Kick-Scooters Regulations under the Highway Traffic Act have been developed to enable the use of approved kick-scooters in the province according to these regulations and applicable municipal bylaws. The regulations came into effect Saturday, November 26, 2022.

What is an Electric Kick-scooter?

An electronic kick-scooter (e-scooter) is a regulated motorized personal mobility device that has two wheels, one at the front and one at the back, a platform for standing along the longitudinal axis between the front and rear wheels, and a handlebar for steering. Appropriate Electric Kick-scooter

What type of Kick-scooter will be allowed to operate on Prince Edward Island?

An approved electric kick-scooter will have the appropriate equipment as outlined in the Regulations and has:

  • An electric motor with a continuous power output not exceeding 500 watts;
  • A weight not exceeding 45 kg (motor and battery inclusive),
  • Wheels that are no more than 430 mm in diameter;
  • Provides a maximum speed of 24 km/h.
  • In addition, the motor must cease to propel the device forward if the accelerator is released or if the brakes are applied.

Electric kick-scooters that have been modified after it manufacture in any way is prohibited from operating on Prince Edward Island.

What are the Equipment Requirements of an Electric Kick-scooter?

  • One or more electric batteries that represent the sole source of power;
  • A braking system that meets the minimum requirements for stopping as outlined in the regulation;
  • A bell or horn;
  • A white or amber light on the front of the device when operated one-half hour before sunset and one-half-hour after sunrise that is visible from at least 150 m in the direction the kick-scooter is pointed (note: if the device is not equipped with a light an operator may carry or wear a light on their person when operating the device).

What equipment is not permitted on an Electric Kick-scooter?

  • A seat (or a surface or structure that may be used as a seat);
  • Pedals attached to the kick-scooter;
  • A basket attached to the kick-scooter;
  • Any structure enclosing it.

What are the Operator Requirements to ride an Electric Kick-scooter?

The operator must be at least 16 years of age and:

  • wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet with a chin strap;
  • must not transport passengers or tow another person, vehicle or device;
  • wear reflective clothing to be more visible to other road users;
  • use hand signals when turning if the electric kick-scooter is not affixed with lights to indicate turns;
  • obey the same road rules as cyclists.

To be compliant, no person shall operate an electric-kick-scooter on a PEI highway unless that person is wearing a protective helmet approved for use by the Canada Standards Association, or the standards as specified in the Highway Traffic Act Bicycle Safety Helmet Regulations (EC329/03).

Do I need a license to operate an Electric Kick-scooter?

No. The rules for an electric kick-scooter in Prince Edward Island are the same as for cyclists. Operators do not require a driver’s license, vehicle registration or insurance, or a license plate. Electric kick-scooters are not considered motor vehicles under the PEI Highway Traffic Act.

Can I operate an Electric Kick-scooter if my driver’s license is suspended?

No. If your driver’s license is suspended or cancelled under the Highway Traffic Act or if you are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle or obtaining a driver’s license, you are not permitted to operate an electric kick-scooter.

Where can I safely operate an Approved Electric Kick-scooter?

Electric kick-scooters can be ridden on most roads and active transportation pathways where conventional bikes are permitted, with some exceptions. See below.

Allowed in a bicycle lane? Yes
Allowed on a highway?

Yes, but only if the maximum posted speed does not exceed 60 km/h AND if a bicycle lane is provided.


On the shoulder of a highway if no bicycle lane is provided.


On the right side of the roadway as close to the edge of the roadway as possible if no shoulder is provided.
Allowed in a public park or exhibition ground? No, unless authorized by a municipal bylaw
Allowed on natural or paved bike lanes? Yes
Allowed on an Active Transportation Pathway? Yes
Allowed on the Confederation Trail? No

Where are Electric Kick-scooters Not Permitted?

  • On a road that has a posted speed limit over 60 km/h;
  • On sidewalks;
  • On the Confederation trail;
  • On municipal roads where electric kick-scooters are banned under municipal by-laws.

Can I carry passengers?

No. Operators of an electric kick-scooter are not permitted to carry cargo of any sort, this includes passengers.

What are the penalties for riding an electric kick-scooter while impaired?

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, an electric-kick scooter is classified as a motor vehicle, therefore penalties for impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada will apply.

Generally, the rules for cycling in Prince Edward Island apply to the use of an electric kick-scooter on Island roads and communities. Therefore, all rules of the road under the Highway Traffic Act apply when riding electric kick-scooters. Please click on the Kick-scooter Safety link below for safety and rules of the road guidelines.

Every person who contravenes any provision of these regulations is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than $250 and not more than $2,000.

Published date: 
November 23, 2022
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