Getting an Instruction Driver’s Permit in PEI


You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for your Instruction Driver’s Permit (Class 7 licence), sometimes called a Beginner’s Permit. You must present all the necessary documents, pay the required fee, and pass both a vision test and a written test based on the driving rules and safety information in the PEI Driver’s Handbook

The PEI Driver’s Handbook is also available in other languages as follows:

If you are enrolled in a certified driver education program, you will write the Instruction Driver’s Permit test in class and, at the end of the program, your instructor will conduct a road test and certify you for a Class 5 Driver's License. When you successfully pass the road test, you can go to Highway Safety at Access PEI for your photo driver’s license. Find a certified driving instruction program at Driving Schools in PEI. 

Which documents are necessary for an Instruction Driver’s Permit?

The following documents are necessary for an Instruction Driver’s Permit:

  1. Valid identification such as:
    1. Birth certificate;              
    2. Passport; or
    3. Immigration papers (Canadian Immigration Identification Record of Entry)
  2. Acceptable proof of residency with your PEI address (two pieces), such as:
    1. Current utility bills, i.e. cable, electricity, phone
    2. Formal lease or rental agreement
    3. Letter of employment on company letterhead or pay stub with your name and address
    4. Federal or provincial government mail, i.e. tax, GST, correspondence
    5. Bank documents showing name and address, i.e. personal cheque, mortgage document, credit card/bank statement
  3. Parent or Legal Guardian consent for drivers under the age of 18. The consent form can be found in the Co-Pilot brochure. Parents are encouraged to read the brochure before signing the consent form.

Download a copy of Co-pilot A Guide for Parents and Guardians of New Drivers

How do I arrange to write the test for my Instruction Driver’s Permit?

Once you have studied the PEI Driver’s Handbook and feel prepared for the written and sign-recognition tests, contact Access PEI to book an appointment. You will need to bring your documents and required fees to this appointment.

Your Instruction Permit is valid for two years from the date it is issued.

Please note: If you are enrolled in a certified driver education program, you will write your test in class but will still have to appear at Access PEI for a vision test.

If you fail the Instruction Permit test, you will need to wait at least seven (7) days before re-writing the exam. There are no additional fees when re-writing the written exam.

Am I allowed to drive with an Instruction Driver’s Permit?

With your Instruction Permit you are permitted to drive a motor vehicle with licensed supervision only and must follow all graduated driver restrictions. The Instruction Permit is the first step of the three-step Graduated Driver Licensing Program

When will I be eligible for my full driver’s license?

You must pass a behind-the-wheel road test for your full driver’s (Class 5) license. Before you are eligible to take the road test you must have your Instruction Permit for one full year and you must complete the Novice Driver Course if you are not enrolled in a certified driver education program. The five-hour course is usually taught in two separate sessions and covers the same material covered in the classroom component of a certified driver education program. Register for this course in advance at Highway Safety/Access PEI.

*You are expected to practice your driving under the supervision of an experienced, licensed driver during this period.

What will I need in order to take the road test?

Contact Access PEI to arrange an appointment for your road test. You must arrive for the road test with the following:

  • Be accompanied by a driver who has held a valid driver’s licence for at least four years;
  • Bring a vehicle that meets all safety requirements (fully inspected);
  • Present valid registration and insurance slips for the vehicle;
  • Have your valid Instruction Driver’s Permit; and
  • Proof of your successful completion of the Novice Driver Course.

Once you successfully pass the road test and pay the required fees, you will have your photo taken for your Class 5 Driver’s licence/photo ID. You will enter stage two of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program which lasts for one full year and be issued a “G” decal for your vehicle.

If you do not pass the road test, you must book another test once you are prepared. You must wait a minimum of 14 days for your next road test. There are no additional fees when retaking a failed road.

Published date: 
July 27, 2020
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