Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVI)

Your motor vehicle must pass an inspection by a provincially licensed technician each year before you renew your motor vehicle registration (MVR). The inspection is required to assess the safety of the mechanical systems of your vehicle.

Following inspection, the mechanic will place an updated inspection sticker on the lower left corner of your windshield. This decal will indicate that your vehicle is approved, rejected or unsafe for use on the highway. It is against the law to remove or tamper with this sticker.

You are required to carry a copy of your inspection report in the vehicle at all times and present it to a peace officer or inspector on request.

What if my vehicle does not meet the standard?

If any part of the vehicle to be inspected is missing or does not meet the standard, the vehicle will be rejected. It is your responsibility to have the necessary repairs made to meet the standards and get your vehicle re-inspected within ten days.

The vehicle will also be rejected, and the Registrar of motor vehicles will be notified, if the plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the registration permit does not match the plate number and VIN of the vehicle.

What parts of the vehicle are inspected?

In the case of light trucks, vans, taxis and private passenger vehicles, the technicians ensure that vehicles are in compliance with standards and requirements mandated in the Official Inspection Station Manual.

The following parts of a motor vehicle shall be inspected during a periodic inspection:

  • windshield and other glazing, washer and wipers;
  • horn;
  • rearview mirrors;
  • brakes;
  • steering system;
  • suspension system;
  • exhaust system including catalytic converter on 1990 and newer models;
  • fuel system;
  • tires and wheels;
  • body components;
  • frame and cross members;
  • odometer and speedometer function;
  • headlight aiming and lighting equipment;
  • coupling devices and towing connections (if so equipped);
  • seat belts

The inspector will also record the odometer reading on the inspection form.

What is the cost for a motor vehicle inspection?

Motor vehicles including passenger cars, taxicabs, station wagons and any truck, bus or motor home having a single rear axle designed for two wheels – cost is $30.
Trailers and semi-trailers not equipped with brakes – cost is $18.
Motorcycles - $30.
Re-inspection (if repair work not done by station that conducted the original inspection) – cost is $18.

Where can I find a list of motor vehicle inspection stations?

View the full list of motor vehicle inspection stations

Published date: 
March 8, 2022