Provincially Owned Property in PEI

Provincial lands are used for such things as highways and roads; public institutions such as schools, hospitals and provincial housing; and for recreational use such as provincial beaches, parks and natural areas.

Provincially owned land is managed and protected by government for the benefit of all Islanders and, unless otherwise posted or under a lease agreement, may be used on an individual basis by the public for traditional activities such as cycling/hiking or fishing/hunting.  Any group proposing to host an event on provincially owned land would require approval to do so.

Are beaches considered public property?

In most cases, a beach on the water side of the high water mark (water level at the highest tide) is provincially owned and the public has a right to use it.  However, if access to the beach is privately owned, you must obtain permission from the owner to use their property to access the beach. It is a good idea to ensure there is public access to the beach you want to visit.

Can I use or hold a special event on provincially owned property?

Any time provincially owned property is being considered to hold a special event permission from Government must be obtained.  Information regarding the event should be submitted a minimum of two (2) months in advance of the proposed event.  Depending on the nature of the event, insurance may need to be provided as well as special conditions and requirements which will be explained when you seek permission.

Who can I contact for more information?

Dawn MacDougall
Supervisor, Land Administration
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
Properties Section
Telephone: (902) 368‑5350


Published date: 
December 9, 2022
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