Share the Road

Share the road by leaving at least one metre (three feet) of space when passing a cyclist I Lorsque vous dépassez un cycliste, partagez la route en restant à au moins un mètre du cycliste.

Share the Road is a public education campaign for cyclists and motorists of Prince Edward Island.

Rules of the Road for Safe Cycling

Knowing how cyclists, pedestrians and drivers can “share the road” helps provide safe and enjoyable trips for everyone. The Highway Traffic Act establishes the rules of the road for cycling. The legislation considers a bicycle a vehicle just like a car, truck or tractor. 

The One Metre RuleBlack text reads "1 Metre" and shows a car and a cyclist with one metre distance between the two

Legislation also outlines a One Metre Rule and the requirements for both drivers and cyclists, as follows:


  • A motorist must leave at least one metre (three feet) of space when passing a cyclist; and
  • A motorist may cross a yellow line when it is necessary to pass a cyclist, if it is safe to do so.


  • Cyclists must ride on the right side of the road and stay as close to the right edge, whenever possible;Graphic of Share the Road road sign
  • A cyclist is required to ride single file, except when passing another cyclist;
  • Use designated bike lanes where they are present and free of obstructions.
  • Cyclists must ride a straight and predictable path. Do not weave.
  • Be visible to other road users. Use lights during dusk and darkness and wear bright or reflective clothing.

Streets and Roads

Cyclists are permitted to ride on almost all roads and streets across the province in all seasons.

  • Cyclists cannot always ride on the extreme right. Sometimes the edge of the road may be in poor condition or the cyclist may be preparing for a left turn.
  • Motorists must watch for cyclists to the right when stopped in traffic or before turning right.

SideYoung cyclist who is riding in a bike lane is looking over his shoulder to merge into traffic as the bike lane endswalks

It is illegal for cyclists, of any age, to ride bicycles on sidewalks unless a sidewalk has been designated with a bylaw by the council of a municipality for the use of bicycle riders 12 years of age or under.

Bike Routes and Parkways

Some roads, highways and parkways have designated bike routes with cycling corridors and wide curb lanes or paved shoulders. Look for the bike route signs.

Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail that runs from Tignish to Elmira is ideal and safe for biking three seasons of the year. Cyclists should use caution at intersections of the trail and roads or highways. Motorists should yield to cyclists.


At roundabouts, cyclists have two choices:

  1. Cyclists can use the roundabout with the same rules as a vehicle and travel in the centre of the appropriate lane, or;
  2. Cyclists can leave the road at a designated area, get off the bicycle and navigate the roundabout as a pedestrian. The cyclist should signal the intention to cross by extending an arm. When traffic has yielded, the cyclist should use the crosswalk section.

ALL road users should follow all posted signs and pay attention!

Other Safety Tips for Sharing the Road

  • Cyclists should ride about one metre to the left of parked vehicles and watch for car doors opening. Drivers should check for bicycles before opening their door.
  • All road users must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. (All intersections are crosswalks).
  • Be seen! Bicycles should have a front light and a red rear reflector or light. Wear bright clothing with reflective material.
  • Be heard! Bicycles should have a bell.
  • Cyclists of all ages are required to wear helmets. It's the law.
  • Bicyclists should use hand signals and be predictable in their movements.

Share the Road Partners

Partners of the Share the Road campaign include the Government of Prince Edward Island, Insurance Bureau of Canada and Cycling PEI.

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Published date: 
July 20, 2020
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